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Morgado Golf Course - latest comments and reviews

Finn 2024-06-01
Course was really nice, but our transfers were 20-25 minutes late so we didn’t have time to look around and practice before hand

Stefan Faesser 2024-05-21
Alamos and Margado were two courses which I wouldn´t play again as there are plenty of nicer courses there.

John Redmond 2024-05-20
Great golf course but a bit tatty in places

Sacha Haken 2024-05-19
A very dry course, fairways in need of a good water and only in May! Beautiful countryside but a shame ruined views of many unfinished/derelict buildings! Nice greens and a snack buggy en route!

Mike Beetlestone 2024-05-10
Staff friendly, course very dry but we understand there are irrigation issues,greens ok. Lacking feature holes

Breda O'Callaghan 2024-04-25
Had a beautiful day Nice course but needs another bit of manicuring

Ewa Gejrot 2024-03-27
Nice course and friendly staff. The food could have been better.

Juha Virta 2024-03-24
Morgado was in good nick and green quick as they should be, only putting some what rusty after winter. Services work although wsa getting a bit slow with big crowds.

Nick Fry 2024-03-16
Greens good. Tees bit scruffy. Enjoyable course - staff very friendly this time

Petteri Salminen 2024-03-09
A nice and relatively easy course. Some tee boxes not very good but fairways and greens in a good condition.

Andrew Chambers 2024-03-08
Decent facilities but not memorable

Fairways and greens excellent. Main problem is length of grass in front of and to the side of the fairways. Difficult to find balls sitting down in the grass and at this time of year the grass is very wet as well as long making it difficult to play out of. Overall though very enjoyable.

Mark Boon 2024-02-14
Morgado is a good test of golf. A gentle introduction on the front nine which is an easy flat walk. The back nine does have several hills and some very interesting holes. The course was in good condition but did have some wet patches due to the amount of rain in the area. The only real down side was the greens were not as slick as normal as they were slightly long. But still ran true.

Michael Schwarz 2024-02-09
The first 9 holes were flat, the second a bit hilly. Not particularly demanding or challenging. The place itself was in good condition.

Paul Wyatt 2024-02-04
The greens were fast and good, bunkers in very good condition. The front 9 holes were rather disappointing and certainly more interesting back 9. Tee boxes very poor, one on course toilet facility locked, the other on the back 9 not in a good state. Shame about the derelict partially completed buildings around the courses and overall it did not live up to expectations. The Starter was very friendly. Buggies do not have GPS which was a bit of a surprise for this course.

Stuart Montgomery 2024-01-17
Course recovered well from dry summer but they did have trouble finding my booking - good job I took the voucher with me. No drinks buggy going around.

Mark Boon 2023-11-08
Course was in good condition and a good layout. Some groups need to realise there are other players around and to be quiet near tees and greens. Good reception and friendly staff. Our criticism was that the course was short, they had moved the tees forward along way on several holes, and a roving Marshall would assist with slow play. Plus 4.50 euros for a portion of chips is very excessive. but that said we will return.

Frank Doherty 2023-10-21
Fairways and tees in dreadful condition, no grass. Buggy 50E !!

Robert Jacob 2023-10-20
The course was in horrendous condition, will not be back. Burnt grass everywhere, course not taken care of

Graham Cookson 2023-10-13
I appreciate the green staff have tried there best with the water irrigation, but to charge the full price is unacceptable.

Michael 2023-10-08
Fairways suffering from the drought in the Algarve, greens excellent. Food and poor service not great.

Per-Axel Warensjo 2023-10-07
Good design of the course making you think what club to take on par 4s and par 5s. Excellent greens. However, they haven’t watered the fairways so you play on dead grass or sandy dirt which was very disappointing and not worth the green fee.

John Carroll 2023-10-05
Reasonable course, easy to play layout. Greens good, bunkers poorly prepared and not raked early morning. Fairways starved of water.

Carl Lace 2023-10-05
Great course but not great on the eye due to dry fairways etc. Greens were great.

Joe Whelan 2023-09-21
Due to extreme lack of rainfall course was in very poor condition. No fault at all on the course's part and we still enjoyed our golf and staff were very nice to deal with.

Colin Dennis 2023-09-19
As usual, all the staff were great and very helpful explaining the issues they have had with lack of water for the last 2 years. The fairways and rough areas were really suffering with drought conditions and made playing more of a challenge than it should have been. However, the greens were excellent albeit a little on the slow side.

Ian Holland 2023-09-19
Tees are scruffy due to limited water conditions and many were moved forwards - otherwise course and greens played well

Eamonn Ryan 2023-09-14
Unfortunately, the course is suffering from the long drought and rise in temperatures. Fairways completely burnt out.

Ian Godfrey 2023-09-14
Morgado is a good course to play but on this occasion the course was particularly dry and baron. Would suggest leaving this course until it has had rain and greened up.

Andrew Slavin 2023-09-11
Great day out at Morgado. Greens in superb condition, but fairways scorched, explained away by lack of water. Course could perhaps make more use of their Ranger by pushing slower groups along

Justin Harper 2023-09-08
A good track in need of water!

Niall O Shea 2023-09-07
Due to irrigation issues the course is badly scorched, in addition the bunkers are not correctly maintained & raked, an issue for the course management, as the bunkers don’t appear to be raked each day before play commences, however the golfers also don’t appear to rake the bunkers afterwards. Extra signage might help along with additional rakes.

Declan Mccarthy 2023-09-06
Greens were in excellent condition. The fairways and rough are very clearly suffering from the ongoing drought conditions. Buggies good and bar and staff all very friendly and professional. Pity the tees were so far forward

Jackie Robinson 2023-09-06
Clearly lacking in water so very dry but enjoyable all the same

Ian Beattie 2023-08-28
Transfer was fine - course struggling due to lack of irrigation, fairway grass brown, greens and tees reasonable

Stefan Kobewka 2023-08-14
Course was very dry due to a severe lack of irrigation water so didn’t look at its best. The 18 holes were a fair test for golfers of all abilities. Staff were friendly but the club felt just a little disorganised. Nice bar and patio to enjoy a beer post round.

Stephen Oliver 2023-06-29
Long and challenging for all levels of golfer. Friendly clubhouse/ bar staff add to enjoyment. Course was very dry due to climate issues which I hope do not persist. The hotel complex is unfinished, and as such gives a negative first impression, but the golf course is worth a try.

Michael Briscoe 2023-06-19
Course was quite busy with a number of groups playing. Some were playing at a much too slow pace.

Ian Godfrey 2023-06-08
I like the course, only down side it is it's a bit far from Vilamoura.

Graham Cookson 2023-06-04
No real issues. Greens hollow tined but accept that need to be maintained at this time of year.

Mark Parsons 2023-05-23
Morgado is a nice course and in good condition despite the drought. We played in the afternoon and it was quite quiet for mid may. The practice facilities are quite extensive and well priced at 4€ for a full bucket of fairly new balls. Unfortunately our round was interrupted by an electrical storm so we came in as did many others, and waited in the cafe for it to pass. It was surprising to see golfers being allowed to tee off the first even though there was lightning present. When I questioned this I was told there was no lightning on the course, so I guess we must have imagined it. Having played all 3 of this groups courses, Morgado is our favourite.

Mark Bodle 2023-05-22
The buggy guy was great. The clubhouse ok and staff ok, but prices too high. 4 Euros for a coke!! The staff were ok but quite arrogant and would ignore people at the bar for long periods.

Irene OConnor 2023-05-15
Poor will not be returning

Eamonn Ryan 2023-04-22
Morgado is always an enjoyable experience. Fairways have suffered a little due to the recent dry spell. I'm sure it will recover.

Paul Rushton 2023-03-27
Low quality

Pierre Boyle 2023-03-22
The course was in good condition, service was good. But the pace of play was very slow : almost 5 hours for 18 holes. No Marshall. Not tempted to return.

rob schepp 2023-03-02
Very good greens, fairways ok but brown, due to the drought. To be honest, we were a bit shocked of all the unfinished apartment buildings around the golfcourse. it looks sad. First nine holes a bit monotonous. Second nine more beautiful in nature. Staff is gentle. atmospheric clubhouse.

William Kerr 2023-02-24
Course was bit chewed up in places

John Gorman 2023-02-14
Other than the remote location the course was in poor condition. Grass yellow all over the course - not in great condition for time of the year (February). Wont be back!

Tony Gill 2023-02-10
Staff were amazing, so friendly. Front 9 a little bland but back 9 improved

Philippe Pineau 2023-02-01
Morgado is a very nice course, in very good condition tee to green. Even when the annual grass go dormant, excellent turf management. However, access/exit to some tees and greens have loose sand, and we know from millions years experience with sand dunes, that grass do not grow in loose sand! Take patches of grass from the driving range or elsewhere to repair to worn out areas! 7/10

Michael J K Sanders 2023-01-15
The greens were excellent. The course generally a little untidy.

Philippe Pineau 2022-11-06
Morgado course is very enjoyable. Thanks for putting sand in bunkers and water in ball cleaners, in was really needed. Unfortunately, half of the ball cleaners (9/18) are missing!

Ian Holland 2022-10-31
Due to a back injury we were unable to play - however, a rain voucher was provided and we look forwards to re-scheduling in the future.

Philippe Pineau 2022-10-27
Playing Morgado is always enjoyable. On 26th October, the tee boxes were a bit dry (due to dry summer, low water level), the fairways were good, bunkers ok (some need sand), greens were too soft = lots of foot prints and pitch marks = Ball bobbling and snaking. I presume the greens will be cored, sanded and rolled soon to get firmer and smoother (although we don’t like to play during this process, it’s really needed). Nice club house and practice facilities. Helpful and competent staff.

Joe Egan 2022-10-27
Another enjoyable round at Morgado

Liam Kearney 2022-10-15
Very good if a little parched due to weather

Chris Robertson 2022-10-11
Well received all details were as expected

Dave Cooksey 2022-10-09
Good course, very slow play, course was very dry.

Martin Ward 2022-09-26
A good and friendly service provided by Morgado. The course was in good condition considering the extreme drought conditions the Algarve has had to deal with this year.

Per Christian Andersen 2022-09-25
In 30 years I have never played a golf course where so many bunkers had NOT been raked. This ruined several holes and main reason for poor feedback. Course maintenance suffer from reduced water supply due to drought. Friendly and service minded staff. Nice facilities. Upon arrival before 9am all buggies were already reserved. However the caddie master sorted the situation. Would have been a long and warm walk with trollies.

Colin Dennis 2022-09-20
Then initial welcome was very well done and we were happy with their service. We then went off as directed to the 1st tee and teed off on time but half way along the second we were stopped by the starter who advised that all play that day was commencing from the 10th. We had not been advised of this by either the reception desk or the caddy master. The starter said it was ok for us to continue and that he would be on the 10th tee when we arrived to slot us in with other groups. He was not there when we got to the 10th. We then had to go back to the clubhouse and it was eventually resolved and we completed our round. Play on the front 9 was reasonable at 2 hours but our back 9 was bad and it took nearly 3 hours. The course itself had clearly suffered from the hot dry summer and so is not in as good condition as usual.

Trevor Turnbull 2022-09-19
Great course but unfortunately we picked the wrong time of year there had been no rain for months hence. Very little grass on the fairways

Garry savin 2022-09-17
Due to the hot summer the course and some of the greens were in poor condition like a lot of courses in Europe with out fairway irrigation

Andrew Davies 2022-09-07
Staff welcoming and gave us a clear explanation of the rules for the day. Greens ran better than they looked after vertidraining and top dressing. Fairways were baked after a long period without any rain.

Olav Burmester 2022-09-07
Wie immer sehr schön

Mark Boon 2022-07-26
Always enjoy playing here it’s a good challenge for the club golfer from the yellow tees and a stern test from the whites. A few bare patches on a couple of greens but we are in the height of summer. Other than that the course and welcome were excellent. I wish they would check everyone has a pitch mark repairer and tell them what to do with it though

Mick Long 2022-07-11
Course in good but not great condition. Wide open so not many lost balls. Hire clubs very old and need replacement.

Liz Scully 2022-07-03
Good course

Gareth Toms 2022-06-29
Good course, very open, good condition

Stuart Montgomery 2022-06-26
Booking in smooth, course in good condition albeit a bit dry in patches which is expected at this time of year. No White tees available and told they only put them out for their club championship - real shame as shortens the course and all the par 4’s are driver and no more than an 8 iron. Drinks buggy only came out as we were playing the 18th c11:30.

CARL HOWARTH 2022-06-23
excellellent, course staff, bar staff all super made to feel welcome

J.P. Visser 2022-06-17
Course in great condition. Super greens, but difficult to read.

David Elliott 2022-06-15
Course in e Great condition, greeens very good , very tidy

Dave Giles 2022-06-14
A stunning course. A great test with some excellent features. Would suit all levels of golffer

Sean Preston 2022-06-07
Very slow as well

John Rowcroft 2022-06-07
Great course but pace of play very slow. Would always play it again

Hans Jørgen Ekmann 2022-06-05
The course is in good condition, training area hovever is not level - ridiculos to train your swing on a downhill slope!

Sean Mckeague 2022-05-16
good course not very challenging

mike beetlestone 2022-05-13
Very nice course, good test of golf

Richard Lewin 2022-05-13
Excellent course in good condition. Quick round too when teeing off early although gets very busy later. Excellent practice facilities

David Findlay 2022-04-25
Excellent reception and course.

Steve Grant 2022-04-21
Great course in very good condition.

Klaus Fuchs 2022-03-04
Ein offener, gefühlt langer Platz, dessen Schwierigkeiten man aber unterschätzen konnte. Abwechselungsreich und schön.

Joe Egan 2022-02-09
Thoroughly enjoyed Morgado today. A solid test, in good condition. Could benefit from at least at least 1 shorter par 3!

H. Spickermann 2021-11-10
Zuviele Flights in zu kurzem Abstand, deshalb zu viele zu lange Wartezeiten.

Malc Kendall 2021-10-15
Course was very good perhaps lacking better signage and the surroundings were very intended

Malachy Coleman 2021-10-08
Course in excellent condition. The reception seemed to be confused about our booking, as it took a while est 15 mins, to register and get our ticket.

Michael Sykes 2021-10-06
Greens good

Adriaan Erkelens 2021-09-26

Mark Hughes 2021-09-17
Course is in good condition, greens are slooooow. Pace of play is way too slow, no marshals on the course to speed up the slow groups.

Brigitte Claude 2021-06-27
Parcours en excellent état, agréable. Environnement moyen. Personnel agréable. Buggy recommandé

Philippe Pineau 2021-05-26
Morgado is a nice course, in good condition overall, anybody can enjoy playing. It is this time of the year Poa annua is in bloom, giving a hard time to green keepers. Greens need to be cut a little shorter and to be rolled to provide a faster and truer surface. Fairways, rough, tee boxes, bunkers and surroundings all well maintained. Nice club house, but short of staff today to take orders and serve (although the place was not crowded). Excellent value for money, attractive deal offered. Go for it while it lasts!

Neil Macklin 2020-11-14
All ok ..

Simon D Turner 2020-09-21
Nice to return back to Morgado and especially to see improvements to the front nine. Would have preferred a tee time more midday so as to allow attendance to the prize presentation afterwards. Unfortunately I had an evening commitment.

Simon D Turner 2020-09-21
Nice to return back to Morgado and especially to see improvements to the front nine. Would have preferred a tee time more midday so as to allow attendance to the prize presentation afterwards. Unfortunately I had an evening commitment.

Ingrid Hoeller 2020-03-16
Golfplatz, dessen ersten 9 Spielbahnen eben verlaufen. Die zweiten 9 sind sanft hügelig angelegt. Breite Fairways und große Grüns vereinfachen das Spiel. Viele Neuanpflanzungen tragen sehr zur positiven Optik bei.

Ingrid Hoeller 2020-03-12
First 9 holes are flat with wide fairways, second 9 are hilly. Many bunkers in the landing areas. Beautiful landscape. 8 minutes teetimes from flight to flight are to less!

Paul Corker 2020-03-10
Course and greens in good condition. Good to walk as it is easy to do so. 4 hour round great too.

Kenneth Shaw 2020-03-07
The course was in great condition maybe not as challenging as its sister course but still a great experience

Ian Campbell 2020-03-05
Fantastic well organised day met some great people,course was good green been treated/sanded other than that good course

Ingrid Hoeller 2020-03-05
Place is very cultivated, many place on the fairways. Many Many bunkers in the landing zones Much traffic.

Bettie Goud 2020-02-14
Wonderful course, very friendly staff, we felt very welcome

David McKee 2020-02-09
A really nice course with some challenging holed. the clubhouse was nice and the service was good

Andy Robinson 2020-02-08
Always a challenging course.In good condition with excellent greens and really helpful staff. Would always be happy to play a round of golf at Morgado.

John Gilchrist 2020-02-08
Enjoyed the day and the company..

Gary Slater 2020-02-07
Course slightly “tired” but still a good challenge and enjoyable

Robert Lentell 2020-01-29
Green approaches dry and lumpy otherwise course in good condition

Timo Salomaa 2020-01-04
Golf course was in good condition. Especially greens were really fast and ball was running nicely. I really recomment to play there

Gary Hudson 2019-12-11
Course looked a bit scruffy and ‘used. Greens were very sandy.

Thomas Chester 2019-12-10
Nice experience, fantastic breakfast! :)

Elizabeth Tolster 2019-11-23
The course was quite quiet so it was pleasant to play with no holdups. We were extremely disappointed that the buggies were only allowed on the path, not on the fairway. There were a few muddy patches but in general the course was quite dry after the weeks of no rain, so it was not clear to us why buggies were banned from the fairway. It’s a big course with wide fairways so it’s a hassle to have to walk backwards and forwards to the buggy, walking almost double the distance one would walk if walking with a trolley!! We suppose they have some big competitions coming up and want to preserve the course for that at the expense of the ordinary customer!

Chris Lennox 2019-11-13
Always a pleasure to play at Morgado. Very busy today but only 1 hold-up on the course. Course in very good condition and staff in the bar friendly and accommodating Competition well organised as usual with Steve Hurst doing a great job co-ordinating things

Chris Bootles 2019-11-08
Lovely golf course. Well kept bunkers.

Graham Ward 2019-11-06
Excellent 3 days

Gerry Mc Kenna 2019-10-26
Lovely course really enjoyed it .in fantastic condition and staff are really nice.

Neil Wendel-Jones 2019-10-16
Excellent, friendly, efficient, great course, same problem as most courses for disabled golfers no entry for buggies to par threes and taken off fairways far too far from the greens, all holes should be accessible up to 40 yards from the green otherwise the courses are discriminating against infirm and disabled golfers

Brian Haystead 2019-09-25
Nice course long and wide suitable for low handicaps keep out of the rough it swallows your ball.

leslie lawrence 2019-09-23
Very unhappy.The rough on the side of the fairway was uncut which resulted in much searching for balls and this caused a lot of hold ups and waiting on t boxes

Richard Gray 2019-09-19
Some good holes and a course worth playing, though when we played it the rough next to the fairways was too long following the Portuguese Open and slowed play down.

Jim Bradley 2019-09-18
Great company Course tough if you landed off the fairway

Colin Carroll 2019-07-12
Very helpful and accommodating staff. Greens in good condition. Even rough well tended. Very enjoyable round, busy as adjoining course is closed for maintenance

Mick Long 2019-07-11
Course not in great condition. Greens slow and fairways had been sacrificed. Not a very pleasing course to the eye.

steve newman 2019-07-09
Excellent from start to finish

Susan Sneddon 2019-07-09
No instructions or directions given when checking in. We were then chased by a member of staff in a buggyntrlling. Us to start at the 10th not the first. Greens had just been watered and were very slow and inconsistent.

Lisa Cullen 2019-07-08
Great course

Dan Deprez 2019-07-06
Not bad, wouldn't rush back..good for the money paid I guess but seemed a bit arrid and very windy indeed. Overall 7/10

Lisa Cullen 2019-07-06
Great course, so much better than Salgados

David stubbings 2019-06-28
Course was very good today. Greens best over six courses this last two weeks. Very tidy and well looked after.

Barry McNally 2019-06-22
Round greens heavily sanded

John Rowcroft 2019-06-21
Very acceptable again. Understand that the work around the greens must go. Will be on our list for 2020.

Nick Fry 2019-06-17
Bit dry in places Greens not consistent depending on sand on greens

Jean-Guy Hottiaux 2019-06-05
A bit disappointed by the course very dry and not scenic at all in this season. Access should be better indicated and the ongoing / aborted building works aren’t nice at all. Course is challenging but not so difficult. - Staff is nice and helpful.

Derek Hughes 2019-05-31
Another excellently arranged visit to Morgado. Course in good condition and worthy of playing for all handicap levels.

Andy senior 2019-05-29
Very good course highly recommended

Trish Macbeth 2019-05-24
Really enjoyed playing despite the v.strong winds. Front 9 was fairly straightforward,back 9 more challenging & interesting.

Billy Moore 2019-05-24
Overall good experience. Morgado Golf Course is a tough challenge. Many, many bunkers! I do not understand the rationale of a bunker in the middle of one of the fairways.

Peter Godfrey 2019-05-20
Nice course , no major hazard, shame we had to start on 10 th

Brian Doyle 2019-05-14
nice course. Great service from the staff in the clubhouse too

Richard Lewin 2019-05-04
Lovely course but tee boxes in a poor state and areas around the green also poor. Good practice facilities. Service on and off course good.

Desiree van der Jagt 2019-04-22
Really Nice course. Beautiful views. Bit pity that the greens are under repair

Vortmann 2019-04-07
Single Point of criticism is the view on the ruins, - we will come back :)

Mark Dowling 2019-04-02
Good course, in very good condition and great layout with variety of holes and elevations

Maria Theresa Dahlén 2019-03-21
It was our pleasure joining Chez Carlos golf society. We've met so many wonderful and friendly people and the chosen golf courses are really good!

Malcolm Keers 2019-03-15
A little bit disappointed, was expecting this to be the better course of the three played. Back nine better than the front.

David McKee 2019-02-10
Excellent course with helpful staff. A course planner would have been helpful on the round.

Roland Nilsson 2019-02-08
Not very challenging but very good greens

Jaap Schaap 2019-02-06
Very dry course. Friendly staff.

Mrs Cooke 2019-02-05
Enjoyed our round lovely weather not too busy

Robert Lentell 2019-02-05
Course in good condition with fast green. Very pleasant day.

Max Cornish 2019-02-05
Interesting course - different from many in the Algarve Friendly staff

Lawrence Hughes 2019-01-31
Course was in excellent condition and was empty so we played millionaires golf

Richard Sunderland 2019-01-24
Despite being busy pace of play was good. Golf reception new we were coming, no problems

Hilary Minto 2019-01-17
The greens were good , the fairways quite brown but overall a pleasing game of golf.

Joachim Plinke 2019-01-07
Beautiful course in good condition, warm welcome at the reception

Nick Fry 2018-11-27
Bit slow due to numbers on course

gunder johansson 2018-11-24
first nine very equal

Andrew Watson 2018-11-21
Clubhouse was nicely set up and the staff very helpful. Parking was a little difficult as the two courses were busy. Shame to see so much development abandoned and falling into ruin. The place could have been a really smart golf resort. Course is fine. Not a classic but perfectly enjoyable. A good day out.

Glyn Hughes 2018-11-21
As always, a delightful course with the challenge of numerous, deep bunkers. Superb views.

Mikko Raunio 2018-11-07
Good course to start holiday, as there is lot space to drive. A good course, even though front nine is quite boring.

Colin Wilson 2018-11-05
The course was not in a good condition There were large areas on the fairways that were bald Perversely the rough was too long for holiday golf When you were in it, it was difficult to get out of it Consequently the pace of play was too slow

Gary Bell 2018-11-02
Relatively flat course with some nice features.

Michael Hardman 2018-10-20
Played here on previous visits. Starting times too close together. Started on hole 10 and had a slow 9 holes. Game speeded up on our back nine

Rupert Hornby 2018-10-19
Welcome ok. It was very wet when we arrived, but brightened up quickly. Course in excellent condition, but doesn’t punish poor shots enough yet. Pace of play was very good.

Dave Cooksey 2018-10-19
Very nice

David Henman 2018-10-19
A reasonable course but very slow round. As with many Algarve courses they seem to try to get too many players on the course , getting a bit greedy, and this reduces the enjoyment in the golf.

Sean O' Mahony 2018-10-15
The speed of play was very slow and would be the only reason I would not return. The course, price and ambiance was good but we were held up on every shot.

Tom Egan 2018-10-14
Always enjoy morgado Very very busy though

philip fisher 2018-10-13
Course was OK greens not up to scratch and generally looked scruffy. Played OK staff were very friendly and helpful.

philip a lander 2018-10-10
Very good course and pleasant and helpful staff

Ian Cogger 2018-10-09
Course in reasonable conditions although a lot of bunkers weren’t raked and the pitch marks on greens and their general condition weren’t great

Mark Hughes 2018-10-04
Way too slow play, 5 3/4 hours for 18 holes

Andy Hennessy 2018-09-19
Really enjoyed Morgado, golf course in very good order, a pleasing experience.

Xavier Chauffleur 2018-09-15
We played Alamo instead of Morgado (golf repair).

Very good championship golf course. Greens have been sown in August and grass is young, not rolling.

Keith Walker 2018-07-04
Good course,but not in top condition

Stephen Curley 2018-06-28
Great facilities and course in good condition

David Muhley 2018-06-27
Excellent service

Will Hunter 2018-06-24
Excellent course and great golf partners from the Isle of Man. Although the clubhouse lacked atmosphere.

pat wallace 2018-06-24
Enjoyable only problem not being to take buggy on a lot of the fairways

David Elcock 2018-06-24
I hope that they are not going to spoil Morgado by restricting buggy access to the fairways. As an older golfer this would reduce our enjoyment of an otherwise very enjoyable course. I hope they have not lost sight of that most golfers are not good enough to play in the Portuguese Open.

Maria Theresa Dahlén 2018-06-12
Lovely golf course. Well maintained fairway and greens.

David Bowles 2018-06-09
Although the greens were a touch sluggish due to tuffted grass tbe experience as usual was enjoyable. Weather a little strange for the Algarve in June but the course, as always, provided A challenge.

Michael Tait 2018-06-07
An ok course which doesn't overly punish every wayward tee shot, greens were not the fastest but still a good roll on putts. Found the back nine was slightly more appealing than the front nine.

Peter tweed 2018-06-05
The course was in good shape, we really enjoyed our round.

Paul Mylet 2018-05-28
Great layout and fairly acceptable for our level, very dusty underfoot though

Alan Miller 2018-05-28
Excellent lay out, great test

John Beckett 2018-05-27
Course in excellent condition, greens were smooth but just a little slow. The bunkers and fairways were extremely well looked after but avoid the rough because it is easy to lose a ball and even if you find it difficult to extract yourself back into play.

Richard Ewart 2018-05-16
Very pretty course in very good condition which considering the high grade completion held there last week kit should be. Found the greens quite slow the rough difficult but the fairways excellent.

Richard Lewin 2018-05-03
I really enjoyed playing the course. It has the beautiful backdrop of Monchique and other neighbouring hills. The organisation is good although the round was a little slow. Most of the holes are enjoyable and fair, although when we played the rough was penal because it had been allowed to grow in preparation for the Portuguese Open. We'll definitely come back.

Michael Blamire 2018-05-01
Disappointed to be put out as a 2 ball amongst 4 balls, waited on every hole, took 6 hours to play the round!!

Ewen Macinnes 2018-04-30

Sean Desmond 2018-04-30
Golf Course in great condition. Very happy, had a great game here

Martin Jackson 2018-04-30
The course was in excellent condition and the staff were pleasant and helpful as always. There was a major problem however in that it took approximately 51/2 hours to complete our round because of the level of bookings. This was the first time in many years that we had played in the afternoon and will book earlier next time to ensure a morning start. Our experience was such that we changed our second tee time from afternoon to morning.

John newman 2018-04-21
Very similar to Alamos still had a good time

Palmer 2018-04-20
Very fair course and enjoyable to play

Mark Woods 2018-04-18
The course was ok but a lot of work was being done, hopefully we will see the improvements next time we play there. One criticism would be that all areas of rough were being let grow and the grass was going to seed, this makes it almost impossible to play out of.

Eamonn Ryan 2018-04-17
Always enjoy playing at Morgado. The course is not in its best condition just now, probably from the recent bad weather. Some complaints about lack of bugy bar and having to deposit €20 per buggy!

Paul Sorensen 2018-04-16
Nice long course. Wet. Slow round but we did see a course Marshall. Reception good. Long and strange drive to the clubhouse. Signage poor.

Arnoul 2018-04-16
Tres beau parcours, aere, franc.

Scott Bowker 2018-04-07
Fantastic parkland course with some testing holes and stunning views. Only let down by mother nature with some rain.

Bill holmes 2018-04-06
Course was OK, but we preferred sister course which we played last year. Parts of the course are showing signs of heavy use, but the greens were fine. Given the range of good and great courses in the Algarve, we wouldn’t go back

Keith Walker 2018-03-28
Course in good condition, but had to play off very forward tees.

Nancy Heinemann 2018-03-07
The course is well maintained and was very enjoyable to play. .

David Lewis 2018-03-03
Great course. Being prepared for Portugese Open

Ron Addis 2018-03-01
Only played 9 holes due to weather and slowness of play. Greens condition and speed were okay. Fairways need improvement. Would rate 6\7 out of 10.

Tommi Lithn 2018-02-25
Quite nice and easy course, dry tough. Quite a lot queuing and the caddy drove to us and blame it on us. Wrong!!! We skipped one hole and there we where again... waiting... NOT good customer service.

Heinz Hassler 2018-02-22
Very friendly Staff All perfect thank you

Markus Schneider 2018-02-19
Very Nice course, good greens und nice greenspeed. We enjoyed it a lot

Jan Sklepek 2018-02-17
Sehr trocken, Bauruinen neben den Bahnen, das Clubhaus ist in die Jahre gekommen.

Acland 2018-02-15
Friendly welcome,efficient reception and easy access to buggy park.All good on the course. Catering ok not as customer friendly but very busy at the end of a long day. Wish Portuguese caterers included a roll with their soup offering even at extra cost.

Trevor Ward 2018-02-14
Another great day with lovely friends organised by a great society , thank you

Hugh Gowrie 2018-02-11
Reception and collection of buggy arrangements were really good. Would have preferred to start at hole 1 as opposed to hole 10. In general an enjoyable days golf.

Max Cornish 2018-02-10
This is a course we re-visit regularly due to the quality of the course itself and the unique location out in the countryside.

Robert Lentell 2018-02-09
Course in good condition very enjoyable with good pace of play

Very helpful..Good deals and quite flexible

Jerry Huber 2018-02-04
Always a pleasure to play this course, greens true and slick

Hirt 2018-02-02
The course was in good condition BUT on the front 9 the toilet on the 6 was closed! In January last time we played Morgado was the same fact! THIS IS A NO GO! Especially for ladies...!

Judith Tolcher 2018-02-01
We have played this course quite a few times previously. I must say the improvements to the course are most welcome.

Barry Summerfield 2018-01-30
Reception and starter were very helpful. The course was in reasonable condition and the greens were fast but true. The back nine was a lot more interesting than the front nine. The course marshall was excellent; pushing a slightly slow fourball ahead of us which allowed us to complete our round in four and a quarter hours.

Anthony Laframboise 2018-01-30
Great service and the course is good but a bit dry this year

Edna Morris 2018-01-27
The rain poured on the day we'd booked. Went to Morgado to check our options and told by the lady in reception that it was no problem to change to an alternate day. The staff there were so hospitable to everyone, suggesting drying out clothes in front of the roaring fire in the Clubhouse or to use the drying room in the locker room. Returned to play on a sunny day, again the welcome was amazing. The greens were absolutely superb, course very well manicured. My husband has to use a buggy, it was a bit of a problem with distances to walk from the buggy path to the golf ball. The back 9 holes was easier for him in this respect. We'll have to plan making better use of where we parkthe buggy when we return!

Martin Elsender 2018-01-24
Course is good but a bit boring. Greens are excellent but not much variety in holes.... most holes are designed as quite long but also quite straight. OK if you like your driver but not so good if you like your wedge.

Roberta alder 2018-01-23
Beautiful wide open long course. Hard walking course and fast greens. The views of the surrounding hills and orange trees are breathtaking.

Mr David G Logan 2018-01-16
Very good. Friendly and relaxed.

Michael J K Sanders 2018-01-14
Greens were excellent and get 10/10. There had been overnight rain and the fairways were very wet and muddy. Generally the presentation of the course was a little shabby.

C.C.Golf Society 2018-01-11
Morgado Golf Course itself is in great condition with well maintained fairways. The greens were hard but true with a good average speed, allowing the golf ball to roll well. Due to an unusual amount of torrential rain the previous day, some bunkers were naturally water logged. The orange groves by the 10th hole are stunning with an abundance of fruit. New species of trees and shrubs are now being planted which will further enhance this beautiful 72 par golf course, home of the new Portuguese Open Championship, part of the European Tour. The players were surpised by the course length on the new score cards at Morgado Golf Course which now have distances of 6035 meters from the yellow tees and 5124 meters from the ladies tees. The par 3’s have always been long at Morgado but now the par 4’s are longer on the 4th and 9th holes and the par 5’s have increased in length on the back nine on holes 10, 13 and 16.

Hanna Marcinowska 2017-12-24
Overall it is a very nice golf course, well kept greens, fairways not so green anymore but no problem to play. Very smartly pleced and good condition bunkers:-) Very nice staff. Restaurant could be better.

Eric Segers 2017-12-21
after playing the second course,alamos, a little disapointing first 9 holes

Louise Cossey 2017-12-19
Lovely well kept course. Friendly staff. Stunning views. Would certainly come again!

Robert clay 2017-12-15
Thank you we had a great time will certanly use yoy next time

Martin Georg Hilke 2017-12-10
Nice Place, nice course...

Hans 2017-12-08
Friendly staff overall, well maintained golf course, sometimes a bit rough on the fairways and very fast greens. A pleasure to play.

Karl A. Wachter 2017-12-04
I played the course on Monday the 4th of Dezember. The course was in excellent condition. Due to the length it is a challenging course even for single handicapper. The staff was very friendly and even the greenkeepers were very alert not to disturb the players.

David James 2017-11-29
We had a great day there. We had a buggy but we wished we had carts as buggies were not allowed on the course because of over night rain.

Mats Hillblom 2017-11-22
We played Nov. 18th with tee time 13:04 and already at tee 5 we ran into the 3 closest groups who were waiting to play. They said it was at least one slow group 5 or 6 balls in front of them who had slowed down the whole course. We tried to call the reception but no answer? After 2,5 hours we had played the first 9 holes and I went to the reception and the answer was : Talk to the Caddie Master When we teed up on the tenth the Marshall came and said he had talked to the slow ball but in the end that didn't helped. We finished our round in darkness as the last ball after almost 5 hours!!! We also played Nov. 19th with tee time 12:00 and then it worked better, "only" 4 h and 25 min's! We played Alamos on the 17th and the greens were much better than Morgado.

John Wheatley 2017-11-19
The course was very busy but everyone moved allngvreasonably quickly so a most enjoyable round. The Course was in very good condition, the greens true though not quite as quick as I expected. The staff were all wfficient, helpful and friendly. A very good value Golf course.

Hans 2017-11-19
Friendly staff at desk,well kept course, only slow at the bar.

Jan Pedersen 2017-11-14
Good service

Bill Robertson 2017-11-13
A bit busy so we went off the back 9 first and no problems when we got to the first tee. Course in good condition despite the current drought.

Martin Punch 2017-11-06
€90 for Golf, Buggy & Clubs at Morgado is good value...this course has improved greatly... worth a visit.....

Strobl 2017-11-06
Everything was well organized, even the change of the original ordered tee-times by mail. Although the course was completely booked we had a good flow and no waiting times between the holes (with very fast Greens). So it was a great pleasure to play Morgado and we are looking forward to play Alamos ...

Chris Bootles 2017-11-04
No drinks buggy. But everything else was good.

Odette Isler 2017-11-02
Course in good condition despite the very hot temperatures in summer

Neil Elliott 2017-10-28
Poor condition

Odette Isler 2017-10-26
very friendly - course in good condition

Pritpal Padam 2017-10-25

Michael Hardman 2017-10-21
Good course with interesting holes. We're not told off 10th until saw starter on 1st tee !!

Fergus Armstrong 2017-10-18
Good course. Having read some previous reviews course condition was good considering the lack of rain in the area. Back 9 has some great holes and the 19th was very good for a well deserved drink after our game. Would return

Paul Maxwell 2017-10-09
Overall condition poor but appreciate over use since open

Peter Streets 2017-10-05
Not worth the green fee paid front nine greens bad condition.

Liz Scully 2017-10-03
Good course in fair condition. Green fees a reasonable price. Good group of players all mixed well as usual.

Neil Brady 2017-09-18
Nice course and staff but greens were in terrible condition. We had been made aware of them in fairness but course should have been closed for repair weeks ago.

Ian Smith 2017-08-19
Greens were in very poor condition, covered in sand.

Ana Delgado 2017-08-16
The course is ok but greens are not in good condition at the time we plaid.

Alan Cooper 2017-07-14
Very good

Rory White 2017-06-19
Very decent course and well maintained. Enjoyed the round.

Doug Smith 2017-06-15
A good golf course, but showing some tiredness after hosting the Portugal Open a few weeks previously. The greens were quite slow. Some great scores yesterday so it suited most.

John Wheatley 2017-05-29
Course in great condition and a super round shortly after the Portuguese Open.

Martin Punch 2017-05-16
Relaxing course in great condition , pity about the unfinished buildings,

Neil Meffin 2017-05-11
great course look forward to watching Portugal Open on it

Bill Robertson 2017-05-11
Good as usual but lots of work going on as it was getting ready for Portuguese open.

Eamonn Ryan 2017-05-05
Course in better condition than last month but still some way to go

Steven Puntin 2017-05-03
excellent course greens were superb

Ken Mitchell 2017-04-19
Course in preparation for Portuguese Open. A bit untidy in places. Unfortunately the unfinished developments around the course detract from the overall experience.

David Logan 2017-04-14
Very good

Gerry Malone 2017-04-12
Very enjoyable but we had to wait on the 1st to allow players from 18th to come on to 1st tee box to continue their round.

Michael Bryan 2017-04-11
A nice layout with good greens but shocking fairways and bunkers. No starter or ranger to monitor play resulting in near 5 hour round as a walking 2 ball in front of us lost at least 2 holes!

G.J.T. Schuurman 2017-04-06
Beautifull course! Wide fairways and lot of waterhazards. Good driving range.

Michael Barker 2017-03-20
Very enjoyable experience, but again very busy course and another 5 hour round. Course being prepared for the Open in May.

Christine Hopkins 2017-03-17
Frustrating . Held up more than normal at each tee. Unable to complete course as darkness fell

Eamonn Ryan 2017-03-12
Course not it good condition this year. Difficult to see that it will be ready for the European Tour!

Axel Heuser 2017-03-08
much better than the Alamos course. large greens, brider fairways, the course is ideal for testing the stategic.

Eduard Reinhart 2017-03-05
Interessanter und fairer Platz auch für mittlere Hcps, im Februar leider noch etwas trocken

Helmut Zagler 2017-02-26
very well

Päivi Melkko 2017-02-25
Back nine very good

Peter Mcshane 2017-02-17
Good golf course, although fairways could have been better. Good value for money

Andy Robinson 2017-02-14
Helpful and friendly staff,good golf course in pretty good condition,but it was very busy, and took us over 5 hours to get round.

Paul 2017-02-05
OK A bit up and down greens on the whole good, and a couple of nice holes

Adrian Fraser Jones 2016-10-24
Great course , fairly wide open

Oliver White 2016-10-24

Stuart Watson 2016-10-21
A good course with a few blind tee shots, a large clubhouse, helpful pro shop.

Bill Robertson 2016-10-20
As with Alamos

John Slaven 2016-10-13
First class

Jim Kearney 2016-10-06
I enjoyed the course, it is challenging enough without being too difficult. The staff are very friendly and helpful. I was early for my tee time and was given a bucket of balls free of charge to help while away the time and loosen up. A really good experience.

This was quite a long course and the fairways were recently tined and quite dry but a great course .

Irene Lee Donohoe 2016-08-27
We played it three times this holiday and it was in super condition for late August.

Julia Bell 2016-08-13
As above

Celio Carreto 2016-07-06
Easy play golf course. Not to difficult. Good start in a golf vacation. Good price value.

Peter Hurley 2016-06-28
it was a pity that the greens were heavily sanded.

James Galbraith 2016-06-17

Elisabeth Patek 2016-06-06
Wonderful course close to the hotel, not as exhausting as Alamos but still challenging. A little boring the first nine holes but the second ones are great (though hilly)!

Dave Thompson 2016-05-16
Course in good condition Green Poor

Malcolm MacDonald 2016-05-10
Great condition and not as busy as Alamos.

Leslie White 2016-05-08
Fine course although greens were not up to scratch.

michael lysaght 2016-04-28
A good course to play the back 9 a bit tight and you feel you are away from it all not a house in sight

Dave Pennington 2016-03-21
Course was in very good condition as usual. Our first round took 5 hours to complete, starting at 9.30. 3 players were holding up the play but the course ranger did nothing despite being asked to. Our other rounds were just over 4 hours.

Mr Austin Brandt 2016-03-10
Would like to book using a target tee time and accept actual time 1/2 hour before or after. Having to select an exact hour leaves actual time range too large. This year had to opt for 10:00 and got 09:52 and 10:48 which turned out not to be too problematical but would have preferred 10:30.

Eamonn Ryan 2016-03-09
Good course but maintenance work around the greens after recent heavy rains made it difficult to play. Poor value.

Mike sanders 2016-02-04
Morgado was not the best. Boavista was by far the best. The greens at both Alamos and Morgado were very poor with Alamos particularly poor.

Axel Heuser 2016-01-31
Sehr gute Grüns. Spurtreu. Die Vorgrüns sind in einem schlechten Zustand.

Dominik L. Zuhorn 2016-01-11
Wir spielten doch den ALAMOS, da Morgado kurzfristig in Ausbesserung war, weite Wege von Loch zu Loch, daher Caddy unbedingt zu empfehlen, schöner Platz mit vielen Bunkern um den Grüns

John Haughey 2015-12-07
A tougher test of golf, I would say. Bad shots get punished to a greater extend than Alamos. That's why I reckon Morgado has a slight edge in quality over its sister venue.

Roger Daniels 2015-12-04
Also a good course but inferior to Alamos and very aware of others on the course as less space

Matti Piirainen 2015-11-29
Greens were not the best this time.

Bill Robertson 2015-11-16
Always a favourite and a great value package with Alamos.

Gysbert Westland 2015-11-15
no comments

Jean Harings 2015-11-08
greens fairways not as goed as the other courses.

Gerry Kinane 2015-10-30
A very enjoyable day of golf.

Lindsay Desmier 2015-10-27
A little featureless but a great way to start or end a trip - not too demanding. Quite busy - 5 hour round

Michael Hardman 2015-10-27
Could not play due to weather but course left open. Gave us a voucher to play a round which ends in April. No real use as not coming back until next October. Could it be extended to October we wondered through your office ?

Mrs Emma Valle 2015-10-25
Fabulous course to start our hols. Long and lovely fairways. Greens immaculate. Starter friendly. Would thoroughly recommend

Peter Webber 2015-10-24
Long and more open course which was very enjoyable and favoured the lower handicappers.

Peter Rzeskiewicz 2015-10-19
Same problem with the second buggy. I would have been happy to pay in advance for this if required.

carlos 2012-06-24
Played Morgado yesterday and must say this Golf Course is in great condition , Tees, Fairways , Greens , rought and bunkers , no defaults at all . Propers ways in and out for the buggies to have acess when your ball is away of the buggie paths . Chez Carlos Golf Society competition was Stableford Pairs Better Ball . Me and my partner had 47 points , to secure a comfortable win . This golf course with is 2 players and a buggie for, 44€ each , is finally a great deal for a enjoyable round of Golf . i

Chez Carlos Golf Society 2012-06-23
Morgado do Reguengo is a stunning 72 Par golf course located on the foots of Monchique mountains, in a country estate, just a short drive from the seaside town of Portimão and the fishing village of Alvor. When you play at Morgado be prepared to experience two different nine holes – one slightly flatter and the other undulating, displaying impressive views across the Monchique mountains. This is a walkable course, if you've got the stamina, but when the weather warms up you'll want to enjoy the comfort of a buggy, in fact, accesses to the fairways are extremely well displayed. The back 9 is slightly more challenging because of the aforementioned undulating features but also because the valley is mountain-sided, creating a kind of funnel for the wind to blow through. This is not a long course, however, in the whole, all the Par 3 are quite long ones, especially on the front 9 where you will find 2 holes with almost 200 meters each. To compensate, the Par 4 are relatively short allowing an average golfer to hit the green in regulation. We would say make the best out of the front 9 and use it as a warm up for your second round. The 18th is a superb finishing hole, with an elevated tee looking down at the beautiful view of the wavy fairway, sheltered by bunkers, and Clubhouse in the distance. A true signature hole and a great way to end your round. By par or by birdie, you are sure to want to come back! A round on this championship course is also a great chance to appreciate the surrounding nature, since it is an estate known for the richness of its fauna and flora, and also an opportunity to extend the day into the mountains and experience the real Algarve through its cuisine in one of the many nice restaurants along the road – the smoked ham “presunto” and the chicken piri-piri here are a must! - many of which boast outstanding views that go as far as the sea, in Portimão. If you're a fan of motor sports, then 15 minutes away you have the Algarve F1 International Racetrack where high-speed adventures wait for you. Further towards the coast however, you have Portimão and Alvor, where fish is king. Wherever you choose to relax after your golf, it will be worth your while!


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