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Quinta do Lago South - latest comments and reviews

Carole Drury 2024-06-17
Very slow play with lots of 2-balls following 4-balls

Eamon McCay 2024-06-03
Some essential maintenance being carried out around the edges of the greens ,not as good a condition that I had previously played it however really love the lay out in this course

Paul Turner 2024-05-28
Normally my favourite course in the area but aprons are in a very poor state and fairways, though good, are not up to standard of the past

Benton 2024-05-28
Great course but too many people meaner that our second round was very slw

Christine Patton 2024-05-25
Slow play spoiled what should have been a great round on a lovely course. We came in after 13 holes.

Paddy McConnell 2024-05-14
Staff are very unhelpful on terrace and loads of problems again with bills, service etc

John Farrall 2024-05-07
The high expectations as the star course on our tour were not met, be it crowded driving range to no pitching practice facility, to a relatively short (from yellows) and easier course than expected. it is nonetheless a very good course, but for the money and challenge we have may other more preferred courses, many of which are much cheaper.

Thomas Masson 2024-04-11
The course is usually always in pristine condition. Unfortunately we found today, it was well off being its best. The greens were excellent but the aprons surrounding the greens and some of the fairways were no where near the usual high standard of Quinta do Lago.

Clive Sims 2024-03-25
We had a very good day and love the course. Minor comments: the fairways not quite as perfect as normal and the clubhouse closed at 7 which was before our pickup time.

Horst Hubig 2024-03-13
Essensqualität ungenügend. Preise im Golfrestaurant zu hoch. Platz ist OK. Toiletten auf dem Platz in sehr guten Zustand. -**- Insufficient food quality. Prices in the golf restaurant too high. Course is OK. Toilets on the course in very good condition.

Michael Hemingway-Rees 2024-01-29
Course was good, a few scruffy area’s tho. They are squeezing too many groups out which negatively affected the experience. There were three groups waiting on the 2nd tee and pace of play was slow with everyone waiting. Tee times should be at 10 minute intervals instead of 8 minutes on a Championship Course with 4 balls. The bar also shut at 6pm and they wouldnt serve a drink when we arrived at 5.55pm.

Johannes Halper 2024-01-28
Platz in Ordnung, Spielzeit über fünf Stunden. -**- Space in order, playing time over five hours.

Mr. Grant Prior 2024-01-27
The round was ridiculously slow because we were behind a pro-am tournament. We need to be made aware of events like this before booking

Stephen Goodall 2024-01-22
Good condition, Staff unfriendly, facilities were good, pass of play was shocking would hate to see it in the summer

Graham Sims 2023-12-23
Excellent and challenging course, greens and fairways in excellent condition. Only slight negative was that the ‘rough’ immediately off the fairways was long with no first cut. Clubhouse excellent and staff friendly and helpful

Susan Appleby 2023-11-24
Good course again. 10 min intervals on tee would be better

Mark Hughes 2023-11-14
This was my second time playing Quinta South. Our group of 10 players all agreed that this was the most disappointing course of the four courses we played on this trip. There were a lot of approaches to greens with poorly patched of turf surrounding them, which made it difficult around the greens if you were slightly long or short and generally looked scruffy, especially given the green fees. The course is a true challenge as a championship course should be. Unfortunately there was a major problem with mosquitoes, something I’ve never experienced in the Algarve before! Clubhouse, practice facilities and buggies etc are consummate with the fees charged.

Per Lauritsen 2023-10-30
Heavy rain and wind.

Marc Luthi 2023-10-26
Great golf course, but some major management problems. The fee should have included a golf cart, but due to overbooking there were no more carts available (or only with a delay of 45 min, not good when departure tie is at 14h00). My mother who was with me had to walk the course with a pull-trolley at age of 81 (they should at least have electrical trolleys available). One piece of advice, if the club sees that the course is fully booked they should introduce a policy that players below age 40, should walk the course, so to have sufficient carts available for the elderly players. It's a bit dismal to see young players driving a cart on a golf course, when elderly players have to walk it!!!!!! I'm 54 and still carry my bag.

Brian Mulligan 2023-10-18
Course & facility's were great but no sign of any course rangers that day. Round took over 5:30 hours.

Craig Ireland 2023-10-10
Excellent course and facility, well worth a visit. Pace of play is very slow and close to 5 hours for a round.

Aubrey Scott 2023-09-25
The condition of the course was very disappointing with a lot of pitch marks and bare areas around the greens which were also very slow. We have played here before and it has always been very good but based on this experience it’s unlikely we would book here again, particularly when it’s one of the more expensive courses.

andrew 2023-08-27
We played the Laranjal today because of a mix up the South course was a shotgun start but the man doing tee times got us transport for free to the Laranjal and he phoned ahead.The course was amazing me and my son really enjoyed it staff were very helpful.

Greg Dance 2023-08-09
Excellent only issue was being slow played really bad throughout the 18 holes. But the course and staff were excellent

Brian Mulligan 2023-08-02
Thought the course would be better for the price

Julie Cobley 2023-07-19
Good course but unfortunately far too slow

Andy Clift 2023-05-18
Golf course in great condition and a pleasure to play once again. Taxi transfers as arranged through yourselves late with morning pick up.

Stuart McGregor 2023-04-13
Superb staff very helpful desk. Course was fantastic with no delays until the 10th when they used two tee starts. Front 9 in 1 hour 20 mins back nine 2 and a half hours not very good!!

Josette Franken 2023-03-06
Friendly people, very hospitable, especially the marshal. He explained the course and allowed us to play together which is always a great pleasure. As it is stated that this is one of the most beautiful courses in the Algarve (also on banners along the road). I was personally disappointed. Especially the back nine I experienced them as moderate. I found the sister course Laranja more attractive and challenging. But that too is a personal opinion.

Mark Hutch 2023-02-26
Average, just ok

Halper Johannes 2023-02-01
Course very good, There are no ball scrubbers on the course for this price

Les Howard 2022-11-18
Great course it is one of the more expensive so it’s disappointing that they put so many people on it resulting in a 5 hour round

Graham Sharp 2022-11-11
Quinta south is a great test of golf . We play there regularly but unfortunaltely the cost of golf in Portugal has become very expensive especially when you add in a buggy and practice balls . I think there should be more packages available especially when you only want to play 2 rounds The choise of coarse deals are very limited when you only have a short break .

David Burley 2022-10-30
Excellent and very scenic course.

Peter Chloupek 2022-10-27

Per Lauritsen 2022-10-26
Perfect course++

David Coleman 2022-10-26
Excellent. Top class course

Leigh Donovan 2022-10-24
Again greens were a little slow but otherwise excellent

Mark Schmitz 2022-10-24
Perfect spot, perfect course

Jamie O'Mahony 2022-10-21
Excellent. Course very good but stay out rough grass .

Krister Rydman 2022-10-21
A nice course in good condition. Very slow pace on the course 5 and a half hour. The course was wet anf there was cart path only with the carts.

Ralph Keyes 2022-10-13
Heavy traffic on the course evident in its condition on the day

Adrian Thorogood 2022-10-11
Remains my favourite course in Algarve

Andy Jones 2022-10-08
Never fails to impress with its quality and vistas. Top class.

Anthony Seaton 2022-10-06
Superb course

Philip Kucharski 2022-09-28
Perfect course. Wonderful !

David Stanhope 2022-09-27
Lovely course, very enjoyable day

Maurice Rogers 2022-09-27
This is a lovely course and in great condition. Unfortunately our experience was spoiled by the pace of play. 5 hours 45 mins for 18 holes is simply unacceptable. The on course marshalls need to up their game and enforce what they preach.

Brian Donnachie 2022-09-27
Perfect! Fantastic course, friendly staff - couldnt have been any better!

Neil Paterson 2022-09-19
Didn’t realise we would be playing with another 2 players Course and playing partners very slow If was original 2 ball we would have been through the group in front within 3 holes but slow play from others on our booking prevented

Bernd Grottel 2022-09-02
Beautiful course; one of the best; Very good service

Mike Pigdon 2022-08-29
Staff very helpful and friendly

Mike Pigdon 2022-08-28
Staff are helpful and friendly

Mike Pigdon 2022-08-28
Staff helpful and friendly

Graeme Cox 2022-08-28
Really good. Great course, with great golf holes & a fair test for all golfers. Would definitely play again.

Betty Sworowski 2022-08-25
Excellent condition apart from the tough too deep. Hard to walk on it let alone play out if it. But that’s my only negative, Hence a 9 / 10

Nils Taawo 2022-08-23
Great course

Julie Cobley 2022-08-11
Like the changes that have been made , very good

Liam Boyd 2022-08-11
Quinta is better than either of the Valle do lobo courses

Richard MacMillan 2022-08-05
Great course best in Quinta now

Richard Broadhead 2022-07-11
Our favourite of this holiday

Mark Weekes 2022-06-23
great course

Tony Seaton 2022-06-22
Great, course, views and facilities.

Glyn Myhill 2022-06-08
Friendly staff course in much better condition than the Royal . Great service

Peter Malone 2022-06-07

Brian Hickey 2022-05-29

John Bodley 2022-05-21
Excellent course.. excellent facilities. Transfers were perfect.

Dr Marc Groff 2022-05-21

Dr Marc Groff 2022-05-19
5 hours

Richard Grove 2022-05-19
Great course in excellent condition

Jamie Hughes 2022-05-17
fabulous course in great condition

Mark Pedley 2022-05-16
Golf heaven! Fantastic!

Preet Kapoor 2022-05-14
Very enjoyable course

Vermeire 2022-05-13
Course in Good conditions.

Michael Leahy 2022-05-12
Excellent course, well presented and a pleasure to play.

Neil Jeffrey 2022-05-06
Always enjoy playing South. One of the best presented courses on the Algarve.

Junhong Xiao 2022-05-04
Good service, well maintained golf courses.

Richard Weir 2022-04-23
A superb golf course, always a pleasure

Steve Roadway 2022-04-21
Course in poor state-first time I’ve played since trees taken down-wood shavings included large pieces of wood

Derek Kilgallon 2021-12-03

Hervé Maillard 2021-11-16

Mark Hutch 2021-10-05
Greens were poor

Paddy Duggan 2020-03-23

Halper Johannes 2020-02-03
The Course and the Greens TOP

Roger Hird 2020-01-22
The booking and voucher worked perfectly - thank you

Maurizio Spampinato 2020-01-15
Great course, in excellent condition

RERAU 2020-01-08
It’s a commercial golf course with a lot of people. So the game is very slow. However the course is of good quality and the staff welcoming.

BRUNO DE GIULIO 2019-12-27
No problem with the booking. The course it isn’t easy. You must be used to dry fairways, thick rough and fast green. Best holes: 15 16

Sue Pearson 2019-12-09
lovely course

Dhaese wilfried 2019-12-08

Simon Richardson 2019-12-07
Fantastic course layout, excellent greens, fast and true. Professional, courteous and helpful staff. Clubhouse currently closed as being renovated.

Christopher Pinnington 2019-11-29
There was a competition so they feared it would be very slow as I was on my own. They moved me to the North course which I enjoyed playing.

Paul Claffey 2019-11-28
Loved it and looking forward to playing it again

John Davison 2019-11-28
Excellent course good condition for the time of year.

Bill Holmes 2019-11-21
Very enjoyable round! Never waited to play a shot. Round in under 4 hours. Course in great condition. Unbeatable

Mary Strutt 2019-11-19
Didn’t play South we played north. Shame about no clubhouse facilities but north was in great condition

Dorothea Nadler-Rudzinski 2019-11-16
Like always, best service and to see Victor in the shop is always nice. The course is in a really good condition , compliment.

Sune Eriksson 2019-11-15
A very good course with beautiful views Quick greens, winter condition fairways, well raked bunkers and a very good design by RTJ provide a good setting for a nice round of golf. Friendly people in the reception and along the course. Everything was good apart from my own golf, but cannot blame QdL for that.

Tibor Mlynka 2019-11-15
very well

Ben Standley 2019-10-30
Disappointed with Quinta South this time. Great golf course however staff were a bit rude at times at when we arrived at the first tee we were told we were off the 10th. Bad communication. Our tee time was then taken by 2 x 4 balls. Spoilt the experience.

deudon pascal 2019-10-20

Lovera Philippe 2019-10-18
Très beau parcours avec des Greens extrêmement compliqués !!!

maurice lynch 2019-10-14
Great course but the condition was not as good as on previous visits.

Derek Hough 2019-10-06
Great course

Vincent 2019-10-02
Very no ce golfcourse. Well maintained. Friendly staff.

glenn weston 2019-09-14
Fantastic golf course very quick and true greens .

Geoffrey Tobin 2019-09-10
All excellent - from booking, reception, course staff and course condition.

Stuart Gray 2019-09-10
Excellent course

Philip Greenwood 2019-09-10

Sean ORiordan 2019-09-09
Excellent course and a pleasure to play it

Helen Pettitt 2019-08-30
Great course in good condition, hardly anyone there

Adam Gutteridge 2019-08-30
Fariways in great condition, greens have been well used and a little on the tired side

M. Perez de Zabalza 2019-08-29
Nice field and perfect service

Chris Burr 2019-08-19
Fantastic booking service, polite, attentive and good value for money

Sandro Sandri 2019-08-12
Wonderful golf course, perfectly maintained

Barry Watson 2019-08-07
Arrived. Everything booked and arranged by Tee times. Will definitely use again. Thank you.

Geoffrey Dornan 2019-08-07
Same result here as north excellent time

Pat Power 2019-07-30
Excellent venue, very enjoyable round of golf.

Esme Harris 2019-07-29
Very professional and organised and welcomed us. Great golf course in excellent condition. We enjoyed our round of golf immensely!!????

Nick Dalgarno 2019-07-21
Very easy to check in. Wonderful course

James Love 2019-07-09
Course was in good condition again we got round in under.4 hours. Staff were accommodating and shuffled things around to enable us to get off early.

Anthony Farrell 2019-07-03
Brilliant course , generous fairways with good greens . Definitely play it again . Only thing I would say against it is ,I don’t think any course is worth more than 100 euro .

Christopher Drew 2019-07-02
Course has undergone maintenance work in the last week, so was not 100%, but good enough. Reception wanted to charge me for the 2 buggies initially,but after a phone call to you? Confirmed it was included in our package.

Ian Abdee 2019-06-09
Very friendly staff. Unfortunately the terrace was out of action for refurbishment. Fairways were rather worn but greens were good.

Gordon Nicolson 2019-06-03
Expensive, but worth it.

Tony Abbott 2019-05-30
Nice golf course a bit too hilly for me . the front 9 is nice but the back 9 is not to my taste.

Adrien Vancostenoble 2019-05-29

bart Stenneken 2019-05-28
excellent course. Conditions great.

Thomas Baier 2019-05-20
Another excellent course and similar to North in quality of maintenance and speed of play. Again a great improvement from last year and will be on our list for next year

Nick Fry 2019-05-15

Mark Punter 2019-05-13
A great course in good condition. It was quite crowded but we managed to get round in a reasonable time.

helen pettitt 2019-05-12
The course is as fantastic as ever and not overcrowded

Ian Hudson 2019-05-12
Staff sensibly juggled start arrangements to avoid 4balls: we started on 10th. Friendly staff . Course in very good condition.

Pat Connellan 2019-05-07
Great course , very tricky

Jamie Hughes 2019-05-01
very good

Peter S Watson 2019-05-01
Top class design, a beautiful course. Attention could be given to tidying up minor areas. Greens excellent but in my view too quick for average golfers given the weather and undulations.

Philip Kucharski 2019-04-30
Gorgeous course and very pleasurable to play

Tony Roberts 2019-04-25
This is a fantastic golf course- one of my top two courses in the Algarve. The greens were fabulous and the views are spectacular. Can’t wait to play it again.

David Symons 2019-04-19
Quinta is now up there in my top 5 ever. Great course and the all round experience was a joy.

Jürgen Blickle 2019-04-10
Much more better than the North course.

Ian Ogilvie 2019-03-12
Excellent course - difficult to fault it

Nick Fry 2019-01-21
In good condition. Good pace of round. Staff courteous

Sklepek 2019-01-12
Golf Course in einem sehr gutem Zustand. Das Personal im Clubhaus (North und South) ist sehr freundlich und hilfsbereit.

Thomas Hoess 2019-01-11
Great Day

Joaquina Hadjeba 2019-01-05

Clive Sims 2018-12-08

GANTOY 2018-11-29
Magnifique. Super green. Parcours très exigeant. À découvrir.

Mikko Raunio 2018-11-12
Fantastic course and very good condition. Unfortunately there were heavy rain after front nine and then course was quite wet

ROGER HERRING 2018-11-05

LAGIER 2018-11-05
Beau golf beaucoup monde bien entretenu

Christopher Burke 2018-10-23
Brilliant from start to finish

David Reeves 2018-10-21
Fantastic course, great set up lovely true greens and friendly staff, the perfect combination you want when you are paying a lot of money for a round of golf.

Claude Girard 2018-10-19
Very nice and difficult

Richard Bell 2018-10-17
Professional, attentive and friendly staff. Course was in good condition although the greens had been pencil tined.

Dan Carter 2018-10-15
Superb course and in fantastic condition

Mr Bill holmes 2018-10-14
Great course but very slow - over 5 hours, This seems to be a regular feature of Quinta, not just a few slow groups. 8 minute intervals are too tight, particularly when there are a lot of holiday golfers. Inserting groups on the 10th doesn't help. We arrived at our scheduled time and then had to wait 25 minutes for rwo 4 balls starting there

Robert Angell 2018-10-13
It is an excellent golf course and we all really enjoyed. Pick up and collection we on time.

George McDonald 2018-10-11
Great day. Course was perfect. Customer service at arrival and during day was excellent. A high improvement on ptrevoyeard.

Glenn M. Gyi 2018-10-09
Very challenging course with some narrow fairways and lots of water but was in excellent condition. Very much enjoyed playing it and the facilities and service were excellent

Peter Grant 2018-10-05
Course in great condition and staff very welcoming

Steven 2018-10-01
Amazing course. Arrived late and managed to squeeze us in which was terrific. Very friendly staff!

Daniel MacSweeney 2018-09-30
Quality course. Top class

David Sabberton 2018-09-25
Excellent friendly welcome. Beautiful course.

Cliff Mottershead 2018-09-17
Very nice complex, very nice golf course, very nice service

Stephen Hooker 2018-08-22
Very good - very nice welcome , shop very helpful ( we didn't have a printed voucher) . Course excellent - difficult to choose but this was our best course this trip ( from QDL north , Victoria and VDL ocean ) . Two tiny moans - we didn't once see the buggy bar - fortunately we had water with us bought at the bar before we started ( a tad expensive -12 euros for four 500ml bottles ???) The course was superb so that took away any slight disappointment .

Tony Martin 2018-07-01
All good , great course

Darren Howlett 2018-06-27
Fab check in, they were prepared already for our arrival and the course was outstanding even if the round was 5 hours plus...

Danny Rawluk 2018-06-14
Very pleasant round, greens fast & true. All staff friendly & helpful.

Curtis O'Reilly 2018-06-04
Excellent course layout. I thought for the time of year the course would have been in better condition. Staff in pro shop were friendly as were the staff on the patio afterwards serving drinks. I would definitely play again however I feel it is over priced. 100 Euro without a cart would be more than enough for this course.

Philip Halpenny 2018-05-21
Always a pleasure to play (despite adverse comments below). Great condition, especially the very fast greens. Some holes really need to be redesigned. 8th is unplayable - no matter how good the drive, it finishes in left rough, frequently blocked out by trees, fairway needs to be levelled off. 9th fairway needs to be extended back towards tee, currently only reachable by lower handicap golfers. 18th fairway is unfair, all drives end up in right tress, fairway only capable of being held by driving over bunker, achieveable only by low handicappers - fairway needs to be levelled off.

Atle Conradsen 2018-05-18
Everything went perfect, Great course

Mike Ford 2018-05-14

Ian Smeaton 2018-05-06
Hard to find fault, everything from clubhouse to course to bar top notch

Richard Lewin 2018-05-03
I really enjoy playing this course. It is so well laid out and the organisation is perfect. Slight quibble this year was that there were quite a lot of returfed areas on the course which hadn't taken so parts of the areas around the greens looked poor.

Tom Hainsworth 2018-05-01
beautiful course

Liam Barry 2018-05-01
We enjoyed our round but I think the course was in better condition last year.

bill holmes 2018-04-29
Still a great course but showing it’s age a bit.

Graham Sharp 2018-04-25
Too expensive especially the extra €50 for a buggy

Stuart young 2018-04-24
Really great. One hole was being worked on and it should have had some areas as gur which would have made it easier to play

Per Lokken 2018-04-20
Slow play , return pickup to early

Timo Kahila 2018-04-05
Positive experience, the course was in formidable condition

Dr. Alfred Etzrodt 2018-04-05
nice day good golf well organised

Hamish Philp 2018-03-28
fantastic golf course friendly staff only negatives were the driving range closed on Wednesday afternoons and the practice putting area was slower than the greens apart from that all was great!

Jürgen Blickle 2018-03-18
This course is very good. Even yesterday it was heavy raining, it was in a perfect condition. Very friendly staff!

Caspar von der Crone 2018-03-15
Great place, was fun and we will be back. Very friendly staff

Thomas Wicker 2018-03-05
Brilliant course, better to use a cart, perfect greens and fairways

Michael Ewings 2018-02-20
Good course but there seemed to be some work around the greens. Maybe they should advise you of any changes.

Clive Sims 2017-12-16
Everything was very good. Course excellent condition. Staff excellent.

Padraic Delaney 2017-12-06
Our experience in Quinta Da Lago was exceptional. The south course was a very good test and we really enjoyed it. The service from the staff and the condition of the golf course will certainly lead us to return and play the other courses in Quinta Da Lago.

Barton Fields 2017-11-27
Staff were pleasant and helpful. Food was good and the golf course still very nice to play. Looked a bit tired compared to Quinta North and having played them both fell in love with Quinta north. That would get a nine.

Gill Travis 2017-11-19
Superb course & brilliant greens. We were given the option to play earlier (which we took & were glad we had) otherwise we may not have got a full 18 holes in at 1pm. It should not take 4.5 hours to play 18holes - 3.5-4 hours maximum! Again problems with speed of play, etiquette & golfing competence from some players. Golf courses in Portugal need to ask for handicap certificates rather than money!!! This is a fabulous course & well worth playing but nowhere is worth 120 Euros..........(never mind more in some places)

Richard Bell 2017-11-04
Excellent one of our favourite course, Greens excellent

Trevor Simpson 2017-10-28
Superb course. Really enjoyed this. Practice facilities and buggies excellent. Only disappointment was amount of damage to the greens through unrepaired pitch marks. This though entirely the fault of players rather than the course. Would definitely go back here.

Marc Luthi 2017-10-26
Beautiful course. One of the best in the Algarve. Well maintained course and very friendly service. best regards, marc

Andrew Rice-Tucker 2017-10-23
Beautiful course best of the four we played. Buggies expensive particularly when on paths only.

Westley Macey 2017-10-19
Well established with some wonderful holes definitely a course to play nice clubhouse

John Beckett 2017-10-18
Excellent service but greens heavily pitch marked

David Edwards 2017-10-16
Good experience. Generally felt by the Group that it was the best course of the 5 we played. I prefer Laranjal but I was a lone voice. Got round quickly though we did start very early so there was no one ahead. Don't know what it would have been like later in the day.

Michael Davies 2017-10-14

Thomas Hodel 2017-10-12
very busy, of course it was high season

Jim Reid 2017-10-08
As North course but more positional play required. Rated this 5th

Patrick Higgins 2017-10-05

Kevin Barker 2017-10-05
Course excellent , Staff very good

Gary Wills 2017-10-04
Still has to be one of the best in the Algarve

John Harte 2017-10-04
Good course.

Maurice Rogers 2017-09-25
Course was in good condition.

Colin McGhie 2017-09-20
Excellent course and staff.

Fraser Low 2017-09-17
Lovely classic algarve course. Really enjoyable

Garry Hilliard 2017-09-15
Quinta do Lage South was an absolute superb course with some stunning, picturesque holes....... very enjoyable.

MARK RICHARDS 2017-08-29
Needed to cancel and rebook and the service was excellent! Thank you

Jon Mycek 2017-08-23
A fantastic course that I would love to play again. This was my favourite course out of the 5 courses that I played.

Eithne McMahon 2017-08-20
I had a fabulous day . Lovely course .

Alan Dixon 2017-07-27
Played Quinta do Lago South on several occasions in the past and disappointed this time as the fairways had clearly undergone maintenance with lines and alittle patchy. Perhaps, the golf course should reduce fees in these situations as expensive to play when you should be experiencing the best conditions for the price paid.

Danny French 2017-07-22
Excellent quality experience overall, buggy had sat nav. Customer service is very good.

David Dawson 2017-07-11
Best course I've played on will play again.

Brendan Collins 2017-06-27
Outstanding beautiful course, a very close second to Faldo. We would love to play it again in the future.

Alan Hennessy 2017-05-26
Excellent golf course, quite hilly for anyone walking with the manual trolley. Greens excellent

Clive Sims 2017-05-18
Our favourite course.

Jeremy Pragnell 2017-05-08

Paul Maclean 2017-04-23
Very friendly, course was very nice. It is, however, hilly and quite hard walking, so I would recommend people who aren't very fit to take a buggy!

Timo Kahila 2017-04-19
Very good

Rien Schakenraad 2017-03-25
Excellent..only buggy fee of € 55 very steep.

Michael Smullen 2017-03-23
Courses are very expensive to play, poor value for the money.
Tee Times reply: This golf course is world class , brand new buggys, gps

Axel Heuser 2017-03-08
I prefer this course instead of its sister course, this course favours the long hitter

Tom Broodbakker 2017-02-19
Beautiful course

Paul Dickinson 2017-02-02

Geraldine Tuohy 2017-01-17
Very good

Alison Hill 2017-01-14
Excellent, the course was championship quality as you would expect. Staff were extremely helpful and professional,

Everthing OK

simon walkley 2016-11-30
Again in our top 4 courses - excellent

margaret platt 2016-11-08
Nice golf course

Marcus Williamson 2016-10-31
The course design winds around complexes of Villas,apartments & Mansions but there is plenty of room to stray off line.The rough on most of the courses is kept low for speed of play but still reaches 4-5 hrs even with buggies.The greens on this course are superb with a few undulations to keep you busy.

Gary Wills 2016-10-24
Great golf course. The French lad who was the starter on the 10th let our experience down.

Karin Bratusch-Marrain 2016-10-23

Pedro Gonçalo Bandeira Fernandes 2016-10-23
Ótimo campo. Grande visual.

Ken Mitchell 2016-10-13
First time for a few years we had played. Overall confirmed that this is a great place to golf

Chris Lundie 2016-09-28
Very nice golf course - badly sign posted however, difficult to find

Trevor Hatton 2016-09-27
Very good. Course in very good condition. Cannot fault.

Kevin Miller 2016-09-20
always in good nick and enjoyable to play

Tom Darcy 2016-09-15
All Good

Paul Oates 2016-09-09
Great course and facilities. We were let down by transfers on this day to the course but after a few phone calls taxis were arranged and paid for by the golf without any problems. We ended up late for the tee time but fortunately the course was not busy. If it had been busy it might have been a problem !!

Dawn Smith 2016-06-23
Condition was as good as usual

Philip Halpenny 2016-06-01
Good condition, as always. However, severe slope to left on 8th and bunker left/slope to right on 18th are serious flaws, resulting in there being no right way to play either hole. This seriously detracts from what is otherwise a fantastic course

Maurice Rogers 2016-05-31
Excellent. The course was in fine condition. The staff in the clubhouse and on the course were extremely courteous and helpful.

Balz Riesterer 2016-05-24
Ok, we had some light rain this day. The course is in better condition than a year ago. Play rather slow!

Robert vincent 2016-05-22
very good

Raymond Chapman 2016-05-02

Paul Whittaker 2016-04-08
the better of the 2 courses in my opinion. some great holes. Buggy costs of €50 each .are unreasonable

amr el cherif 2016-03-21
nice course

Fran Mackey 2016-03-10
We received a warm welcome and the course was not in as good condition as the other courses. some tee boxes were poor and there seemed to be a lot of damage around the greens (compared to last year)

Carl Hegarty 2016-02-17
The south course is excellent very challenging but with some fantastic holes. Greens firm and true. Love the course. Again it will be a regular feature of our annual trip.

Graham Sharp 2016-02-16
Good course and very friendly staff

Paul Dickinson 2016-02-07
The redevelopment had a light negative impact that could not be helped but the course condition was disappointing. The worst it has been since I first played it 25 years ago

Clive Sims 2015-12-23
The course was excellent. Again Marshalling was poor, same experience as the Old course with a very slow 4 ball.

Timo Kahila 2015-12-08
Very good

Barton Fields 2015-12-07
Superb course and great service once again.Nice new buggies too!still one of the best courses for me.

Clive Sims 2015-11-10

Adrian Thorogood 2015-11-02
Used to be my favourite course, but looks tired now and the condition of fairways and tee boxes really poor.

Terry Richards 2015-11-01
Players reported that they had thoroughly enjoyed their day

Terry Richards 2015-11-01
Players reported that they had thoroughly enjoyed their day

Richard Bell 2015-10-30
Very good course, some of our less able golfers (15, 16, 18 HCP) found it very challenging but all players really enjoyed.

Robert Fleming 2015-10-28

Paul Reynolds 2015-10-25
A fantastic place to play golf . Could never tier of playing golf here . Superb.

Andrew Robinson 2015-10-22
not in great condition for price paid

Liam Kearney 2015-10-18
Always a very enjoyable course in a beautiful setting. Maybe course maintenance not up to usual high standard but still enjoyed the golf.

Chez Carlos Golf Society 2012-09-10
Our first Summer Event was always likely to be popular after all we were to play one of the finest courses in the Algarve at a very special price followed by a BBQ back at our base in Vilamoura. We gathered mid-morning at the QDL driving range for a brief presentation at the new Paul McGinley Fitting Centre. State of the art video equipment and swing analysis with professional assistant ensures your new clubs are tailor made. It is well worth a visit. Quinta Do Lago South has hosted the Portuguese Open eight times. In 1989, Colin Montgomerie won his first European Tour event here by an impressive 11 strokes, set a course record of 63 and a Tour record of 24 under par. The course is laid out on beautiful undulating terrain with shady umbrella pines and a few man-made lakes that attract many aquatic bird species. The signature hole is the scenic par-3 15th (160mts) with a long carry over a lake to the green set amongst pine trees. Warren Griffiths took the honours of nearest the pin here after hitting his shot to within a metre and securing a birdie. Special mention must also go to Paul Beevers taking the Longest Drive with a mighty 283mts on the fabulous 17th hole – awesome. The course was in fine condition which is something that you always come to expect from Quinta. Sun and blue skies were the order of the day though a coastal breeze helped from the temperature from soaring – perfect. Multiple prizes today with four nearest the pin competitions, Gross Score, net Stableford and a Team Stableford. Special thanks are extended to our sponsors that include in no particular order Onyria Palmares, Vale Do Lobo, Monte Rei, Pestana Group, Boavista Golfe, Morgado / Alamos Golfe, Catmandoo Clothing, Chez Carlos Restaurant & Bar, Professional Golfer Monia Bernardo and Chez Carlos member Chris Milford. Afterwards it was an optional return back to The Chez Carlos Restaurant & Bar for a specially prepared BBQ that included suckling pig, wild boar and octopus salad. Our thanks are extended to Fillipe and his team for looking after us so well and to all those that took part throughout the day. It was a great event and one which we are sure to repeat. Best Gross – (Par 72) 1st: Martin Firth 75 2nd: Derek Hughes 81 Net Stableford 1st: Martin Lewis 37pts (19+18) 2nd: Eve Koch 35pts (18+17) 3rd: Paul Jackson 35pts (20+15) 4th: Dave Willis 34pts (17+17) Best Aggregate: 1st: Peter Vaughan, Paul Jackson, Paul Beevers, Warren Griffiths: 128pts Longest Drive: Paul Beevers Nearest the Pin: 4th: Steve Whipps 7th: Ladies: Annie Densham. Gents: Martin Lewis 11th: Graham Newman 15th: Warren Griffiths

Chez Carlos Golf Society Tournament @ Quinta Do Lago South 2011-09-06
It has been two years since the Society last played at Quinta Do Lago so a visit was long overdue. The course is laid out on beautiful undulating terrain with countless shady pines and a few man-made lakes that attract many aquatic bird species. Long hitters can take full advantage of some generous fairways but correct placement of shots is required to score well. The 15th Par 3 is the signature hole demanding a long carry over water. Depending on the wind it could be a driver! The course was in fine condition and was well on the way to be being perfect just in time for the start of a new golf season (mid September); all that was needed was the rain - not a common occurence in August. Clive Davies started with an impressive birdie at the first hole to hand a card in with 36 points after a recent 2 shot handicap reduction by the Society. There was a three way scramble for second place with 29 points. It was Paul Loerns first time playing golf in Portugal. Quinta do Lago is certainly a course to impress and it showed on his face after the game - welcome to the Society Paul.


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