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San Lorenzo Golf Course - latest comments and reviews

Sarah Smith 2024-04-02
Course itself was not in great shape The facilities at the club we were made aware of and staff we apologetic

James Sutherland 2024-04-01
Love San Lorenzo. Seen it in better condition but also worse. Staff were excellent.

Anne Smith 2024-03-31
Great staff - lunch was a bonus that wasn’t offered in September

Frances Trowell 2024-03-28
Course facilities could be better maintained. Not the course itself but the paths are in part terrible and difficult in a buggy

Greg Lewis 2024-03-25
club house is gone and although there are still limited facilities and the staff were very helpful. we are paying alot of money and should be informed that they don't have a clubs house, there is one working toilet and limited facilities. Course design is v good and it should be one of the best courses around but there is a lack of maintenance and general upkeep compared to the other courses in the area. We've played this before and it was the same case a couple of years ago. the level of upkeep has fallen over the years but the price has stayed the same so I would be going to one of the other courses next time. Still an enjoyable game of golf if you can't get out elsewhere.

Jamie Winchester 2024-03-17
Poor condition. Extremely slow pace. Gave up after 8 holes. Not worth the money

Bruce thompson 2024-02-13
Welcoming reception, lovely course. Greens good, some tees and paths need attention.

Gillian Dawson 2024-02-06
Course is not in the best condition. We did know before playing that there was only a temporary clubhouse but were a bit surprised to be given a packed lunch. This could have been useful if we had known in advance because we had our own food with us. We suspect that most people visiting would prefer the green fees to be more realistic for the current course conditions though we do recognise they are lower than a few years ago. There were only a few people on the course. Unfortunately the 4 ball in front of us would not let us through so we waited on every shot.

Ole Strassburg 2024-01-30
We enjoyed the course but there could have been an information that the clubhouse has burned down and there are no showers available.

Henk Tunen 2024-01-21
Wij kwamen aan, en de receptie en waar je wat kunt drinken, is ondergebracht in portocabins. Dat is nergens vermeld of aangegeven..... Als compensatie een lunchpakket voor onderweg maar ik had het liever eerder geweten. Volgens TeeTimes kon ik de buggy cash afrekenen op de course, maar dat kon alleen met een kaart..... Verder een prima golfdag gehad. De baan lag er goed bij en het was mooi weer! -**- We arrived, and the reception and where to have a drink is housed in portocabins. This was not mentioned or indicated anywhere..... As compensation, a packed lunch for the road but I would have preferred to know earlier. According to TeeTimes, I could pay for the buggy in cash on the course, but that was only possible with a card..... Otherwise, I had a fine day of golf. The course was in good shape and the weather was nice!

Eric Segers 2023-12-09
Very nice views ,good holes and greens,but expensive and terrible buggypaths.

M. Mrs. Geist 2023-11-24
Great course conditions. Of course it is unfortunate that the club house burned down

Bert Ulrich 2023-11-13
Great Course, poor Range

Christopher Brighton 2023-11-11
The course and views are as good as ever. We played early and pretty much had the course to ourselves. The lack of a clubhouse did not really affect our experience, we simply drove over to the Quunt do Lago clubhouse which is only a mile or two away and had lunch there. Our only issue was the mosquitoes at that time in the morning, we both came back with at least 20 bites which did detract from our enjoyment. Top tip if playing early take plenty of repellant! They do sell it in the shop but didn't warn us pre round...

Andrew Finnie 2023-11-07
Dreadful…. 6 hours for 18 holes of golf,most people complained and we got little answers or respect when we complained… No stewards on course a total disgrace and we will not play this course again. We were held up every single shot….

Robin Butler 2023-10-23
Course in better condition than for some time. However, very crowded and slow. We gave up at the end of the 17th as there were 3 groups waiting to tee off on the 18th. There is no real enforcement of letting 2 balls through or ensuring no slow play

Brigitte Müller 2023-10-22
Club house is really very, very poor for a club with this renomé, it is a very poor performance. Nowadays, there are so many possibilités to put an infrastructure in place for a short periode for very little money. We were very surprised that this club does not make a bigger effort to offer something nice. Also the path for the buggies are in a very very poor condition. What a shame for this beautiful course.

Tom Cuttill 2023-10-21
Greens were not good. Experience spoiled as a result of the fire.

Nina Brouwer 2023-10-20
Practice area is very poor, friendly to play golfcourse, drinks etc./terras missed opportunity.

Robert Angell 2023-10-15
We have played San Lorenzo a number of times, what a great layout, but the condition of the course was the worst we have seen it. It will need to improve substantially if we will play it again.

Andrew Finnie 2023-10-14
Opening holes 10,11 AND 12 and buggies not in great condition not what you would expect of a 5 star course. I realise clubhouse etc has issues but this should be reflected in current green fees.

Andrew Chambers 2023-10-13
Very poor quality presentation of the course - greens like furry carpets. No course marshalling led to a very long, slow round. We have dropped this from future tours

Steve Richmond 2023-10-13
An excellently designed golf course with some great holes, and was in a good condition. There was a big problem with the condition of the buggy paths which are in need of some serious maintenance carrying out. Also, the fact there was no clubhouse due to the fire created an issue. The temporary facilities were very poor and need to be increased significantly.

Chris Loynes 2023-10-09
The course is in better condition than we’ve previously experienced. The service is better too. Obviously a club house would be better but we have never eaten there as it has been a poor service for years and years and years. Overall I’d say it’s better for us than the past but needs to improve further. If we had been able to book QDL north or south we would have !

Lee Woodward 2023-10-07
I know this is a view that is universally held because I hear it all the time - everywhere. It’s a golfing tragedy what is happening with San Lorenzo. A magnificent piece of golfing architecture that is going to rack and ruin. Poor tee, fairway and greens. Almost unplayable numbers. Buggies are terrible and cart paths really poor. What an absolute shame.

Antti Suhonen 2023-10-06
Fortunately I got a reduced green fee (twilight) as paying the rack rate for San Lorenzo in its present state would be a serious waste of money. While the course has some spectacular holes by the shore, it is generally in poor condition with the worst greens I've seen during six rounds in Algarve. The bunkers also lack sand and rakes, and many fairways have large bare patches. The clubhouse has burned down so it would be unfair to comment on facilities.

Keith Thomson 2023-10-06
Great course but not to tell customers that there is no clubhouse is a disgrace! €166 for a round of golf with changing facilities, no bathrooms, no food facilities etc. You cant charge golfers this amount and not have the basic facilities or worse than that not even tell customers of the current situation. Not impressed!

Philip Halpenny 2023-10-04
Very disappointing. Fairways poor, bunkers like cement, greens spongy and slow, calcada cart paths seriously dangerous. No facilities yet still charging same high green fees. Bad reputation and publicity will certainly adversely affect green fee income going forward. So sad to see such a magnificent golf course going to rack and ruin.

Hermien Creger 2023-10-02
Club house burning down is a factor, but made check in and start of play chaotic and disorganized. No range balls to practice.

Andrew Crofts 2023-09-29
The course was in very poor condition , especially the greens which were dreadful.

Roger Murphy 2023-09-18
Greens supposed to have been "immaculate" were actually really poor, no care taken with bunkers. Never a 120 euro golf course

Adam Farrer 2023-09-17
All round very disappointing, the course was in poor condition. The greens were slow and bumpy. The buggy paths were terrible, so uneven that everyone was driving to the side of the paths. Overall the course was tired and in need of a big investment to bring it up to the standard you would expect for the green fee charged. At the end of the round the staff did not ask if we had a good round. We had been to Monte Rei for a couple of days before this game and the contrast was striking. Every aspect of San Lorenzo fell miles short of the Monte Rei standards of excellence. I will take some persuading to go back to San Lorenzo.

Peter Tipping 2023-09-04
The golf course is excellent good test a bit tatty in places paths etc but it is the golf course which stands out

Richard MacMillan 2023-08-09
Ok but for a long time San Lorenzo has needed a lot of maintenance to bring it up to standard.

neil martin 2023-07-05
Lovely course, but tough for beginners. Clubhouse has burned down so just a simple portacabin for drinks. No food though

Brian Hickey 2023-05-28
Not enough staff present on arrival in pro shop and to arrange buggies

Guy Orban 2023-05-14
Very nice layout but no strokesaver, so at certain holes we did not know where to drive. Greens were fine but fairways missed a bit of grass so we used preferred lies rule. Pace of play was fine until the last four holes when we were held up by games in front and no marshal control But these are small points as the course is in very nice settings and staff friendly

Per Lokken 2023-04-26
Maintanance no good

Simon Potts 2023-04-22
The course is a great design but seemed very tired and unkempt. we played from 10th. The first 5-6 holes had fluffy fairways. The buggy paths in particular were very very bumpy and ill maintained. The 17th (our 8th) onwards however were much better with some beautiful hols and the fairways seemed much better.

Keith Thomson 2023-03-27
course needs investment and has lost a lot of its quality compared to the surrounding courses we have played. Staff were excellent but tees, fairways and bunkers were not to the standard that would justify the green fee in Quinta!

David Stubbings 2023-03-26
Tees very poor paths horrendous and dangerous greens good fairways 6 out of 10 very long round due to over booking took five hours plus for 2 ball.

Lepthien Olaf 2023-02-16
In comparison to the greefee you pay the quality was poor. Fairway and green conditions average. Pathways for buggies and fences broken. Clubhouse with lack of color and no warm water in the showers. We paid half the greefee for better conditions in Vale do Lobo a day before. Additionally there was sound of construction work on allmost every hole. Sad, but not worth the money.

Stephen Norris 2022-11-28
Today I played the back 9 first because of a local tournament, in just 1 hour 10 minutes and I will play the front 9 at 15.00 this afternoon! Apart from this everything else was good ????

Stephen Norris 2022-11-22
I played only 9 holes this morning due to first tee & 10th tee starting times, the first 9 holes took only 1hr 20mins. When I arrived at the 10th tee I had to wait for 10 minutes for the group in front! So I drove to the 11th tee hoping to go in front of them? Unfortunately there was a 4 ball on the 11th so I drove to the 12th, that was occupied, I then continued to check the remaining holes and they were all full so I drove back to the clubhouse, I told the lady what happened and she kindly credited me for the buggy which I will use on Thursday. Otherwise the staff were all very pleasant and the golf course was in good condition!

Stephen Norris 2022-11-20
Unfortunately I didn’t feel to good this morning so I didn’t play so I look forward to playing it on Tuesday kind regards Steve

Raymond Moore 2022-11-14
This is a former 5 star course that has been allowed to fall from grace. It needs tweaking everywhere. As a huge fan of this golf course in the past I can no longer see any value for money here. Finally, to charge €55 for a buggies on Calcada pathways that are unsafe & dangerous is bordering on criminal

Elibert Tigges 2022-11-01
Clubhouse really below any standard. Changing rooms very poor. No hot water in shower?? Course is very nice.

Adrian Thorogood 2022-10-16
San Lorenco is always a favourite, but in the last few years it is really looking tired. For that money I'd want perfection.

Norman Howie 2022-10-13
Disappointing. Greens and tees in poor condition. Greens overwatered and lumpy. Scorecards were photocopied bits of paper!! Not what you’d expect and poor first impression! 5hrs for a round - no Marshall to hurry people along. Back 9 was 3hrs. 2 groups in front of us played an 8 ball on the last hole. Great reputation but currently not worth the money.

Carlos Verhelst 2022-10-10
a large noisy group of Englishmen on the terrace. Course was excellent

Andrew Thorpe 2022-10-07
Excellent course

Jason smith 2022-10-04
Club house catering staff could be a little friendlier.

Wez Macey 2022-10-03
Great layout some lovely holes and greens were ok some areas of the course need abit of tlc but glad I’ve had the opportunity to play here

Steve Carter 2022-09-25
Great course in top condition. Average club house facilities.

Michael Davies 2022-09-25
A fabulous golf course being ruined for lack of investment. Infrastructure is appalling. I won’t be booking there again.

Marco Serfilippi 2022-09-25
not very well. we arrived and found no golf cars available. we started with manual trolleys and only at hole number 3 were they delivered to us we also found a course with terrifying greens

Vincent O Hara 2022-09-23
Great course not being maintained to the best standards.

Steve Threader 2022-09-10
The course is a great layout but the condition today was poor. Generally some untidy area and greens slow. Disappointing.

Linda Smeed 2022-08-20
Expensive course when adding in buggies.

Raymond Moore 2022-08-16
This is a superb golf course with some exceptional holes but regrettably it very mediocre condition. It needs lots of TLC to restore it to it's previous magnificence. Right now the buggy pathways are exceptionally dangerous/unsafe. I've been playing this course for more than 25years & I cannot believe that this magical place has been allowed to fall from its perch as number one golf course in Europe.

Julie Cobley 2022-08-15
Excellent , never disappoints

Richard MacMillan 2022-08-05
Poor course condition which is a shame for a great golf course

Adam Frontal 2022-08-04
Condition very poor. Fairways truly awful. Tees heavily sanded. Poor really. Not worth the money. Won’t rush back.

Mike Smith 2022-07-22
Amazing course. This course is always a highlight.

Ramy Mohy El Dine 2022-07-14
very good!

Conie Mascarenhas 2022-07-12
Not much to say as 8.28 tee time was treble booked, was told by the starter that it must have been a computer error and was then given a tee time of 8.36 with another two ball. Had to wait on every hole and then on the 10th a 4 ball with two buggy's appeared on the tee in front of us. I spoke to the pro shop, and was told that that was the group in front of us, luckily the starter was in the pro shop and she came to the tee and acknowledged that it was not the group in front of us and she would ask the Marshall to get them off the course. Looks like the pro shop must have slotted them in since they had buggies. It was only on the 15th hole the Marshall appeared and asked the group to let us through, they were not thrown off. Not a good experience and certainly not enjoyable. The club changing rooms were not very clean. Course was a little untidy but not too bad, some nice holes

Lawrence Blake 2022-06-29
This track is really interesting and has some challenging holes. Personally I think it is not for high handicappers is tight in places with little scope if you are offline (as I am). Generally the course seems expensive as it looked tired in places and the pro shop was quite old fashioned. Service could be better for example we asked for ice for the bottle box on the buggy and were told there was none.

Ralph van den Boogaard 2022-06-28
The plains are not so fine but the course is nice

Tom Mcilduff 2022-06-25
Tough course and a bit old around the edges - but just spectacular scenery and holes

Phil haskell 2022-06-23
Course not in such good condition as when I last played pre COVID but love the layout.

Stuart Reeve 2022-06-19
Course was in poor condition. Stones in some of the bunkers. Lots of unrepaired pitchmarks on the greens. Cart paths in a poor state of repair. Fairways grass uneven coverage. In total it looks like they need to spend a lot of money to get it back up to scratch.

Robert Angell 2022-06-10
The lay out of the course is great, however the condition is not the best. The buggy’s have no water or ice, the drinks buggy had no food other than chocolate. The course needs to up its game to compete with Quinta.

Veronique 2022-06-07
veel te veel lawaai door de vliegtuigen de continu overvliegen maar wel mooie baan

elisabeth Gregory Wagorn 2022-05-10
Not worth the money, course in poor condition. Unfriendly staff. No food service. Would not go back.

Barry Spillane 2022-05-10
Disappointed with this course as it was meant to be the best one, range was in rag order, course was very untidy and the pace of play was shocking, took 5 hours to play it, no ranges on the course to do anything about it.

Paddy Mc Connell 2022-05-08
Where do I start here? We got there and were told there’s no buggies. Everyone panicked but in the end we were able to get them. Not sure why they said they had none. The course itself is a magnificent golf course but was in very poor condition and needs an awful lot of work to get it back to where it should be. Lot of burnt areas and bare lies. The beverage cart had no food and ran out of beverages. We finished our round and were told there was no food/kitchen. They also ran out of alcohol. The staff weren’t the friendliest and the clubhouse is extremely outdated. The last bus for 6 people failed to show and again we had to pay for our own taxi. Overall a really bad experience and wouldn’t return.

David Laird 2022-05-04
So slow!! Was stuck behind a 5 ball. Their should be marshalls on the course keeping things moving. When we finally got back in, there was no bar or catering open. Still a great but in average condition. I have played here a few times but probably wont be back. Certainly not five star anymore.

Hubertus Hoyt 2022-05-02
All worked out well.

Sara Barnes 2022-04-17
Helpful staff. Few tee boxes were a bit scruffy. They ran out of peanuts in the ba

Craig Conley 2022-04-04
Course tees and fairways in poor condition

Peter Maxfield 2022-03-30
Good afternoon I have played San Lorenzo many times and there is plenty of great holes on the Course However I do have to say the tee boxes were disgracefull and would have been more suited to a very cheap Park course Most were cover with sand to disgiuse the poor state of the tee boxes and many looked as though they had no care at all. Also some fairways were not very good For the price we paid I am unhappy

Nigel Dickinson 2022-03-27
Most disappointed with the condition of SL, not any where comparable to excellent quality of QdL South and Laranjal. I will not choose SL for a trip until I here it is being properly maintained. I had a trolley but 2 of our group had a buggy and were disappointed that there was no sat nav, water or tees provided.

Hans Nordlund 2022-01-04
No work on the course.

Paul Johnson 2021-11-08
Hi Alexandre, I’m pleased you’ve asked. It was a nightmare… 5 hours to get around and I had to wait up to 10 minutes on every single shot. I can’t tell you how disappointing this is. It’s £138 euros and this should not happen. There is no way they can check the handicaps of players. At one point I had a fifteen minute wait on a tee. I also had to tee off the 10th, not the first, because they had a large society booking?!!! Unforgivable. Really, really frustrated, having looked forward to playing such a fine course. I complained to the pro in the shop and he didn’t offer anything other than to shrug his shoulders. The greens were very slow and covered in pitch marks. The worst I’ve played on in the Algarve. Having played over two hundred courses, this is the worst experience I’ve had and one of the most expensive. Not enjoyable at all.

Eric Rahusen 2021-10-07
No buggy’s. And no intention to help us

Darren Rands 2021-09-23
Very good course layout, course poor condition though, little bit lacking in attention to detail, received a far higher level of service at vilamoura

Alan Hoyne 2021-09-07
Course ok, cart paths in terrible condition, nice staff, not value for money, anymore !

Carine Trierweiler 2021-08-27
Nice course but carts are rarely available... we got a cart from the staff

Matt Hill 2021-08-22
Lovely golf course, but clubhouse facilities are poor and service no better than ‘ok’

Thomas Brugelmann 2021-07-01
Great course but in poor condition

Robert Dytch 2021-05-21
Lovely golf course,only negative is that there are far too many bunkers,staff were very friendly and helpfull

Sarrazin Franck 2020-02-29
Very scenic course very good shape

Andrew Millership 2020-02-27
A golf course that seems to be past its best with tired practice facilities and mediocre dining. Not in the same league as Monte Rei. The whole setup needs to be modernised. Staff were friendly but this did not offer value for money.

Mikko Raunio 2020-02-05
Great course, but the condition was only average

Stephen Norris 2020-02-04
Course is in very good condition all staff very friendly and always look forward to returning to play again

Brunella Ruzic 2020-01-04
Very beautiful golf field. , quite difficult Precios staff Nice club house

Glyn evans 2020-01-02
Lovely golf course although 5 hours to play as a two ball far to slow was not able to get any rythmn into the round

Boitard Jean-Paul 2019-12-12
Parcours bien dessiné, mais fairway en très mauvais état, pour un golf qui est très cher.

Thomas Abbott 2019-11-27
A nice course although given how prestigious it is rated we found that the facilities were slightly sub par. The course however is a wonderful test of golf and would thoroughly recommend it.

Sverre Phillip Olsen 2019-11-17
Very Expensive ! 1.Tokens for driving range 5 Euro other places 3 Euro,Buggies 50 euro ( without GPS) other places 30 Euro. 2 The quality of the course very Good. 3.The greenkeeper must be better to keep quiet when they have players on TEE , green, Hitting stroke. Nice Lunch. Regards Sverre Phillip

Henry Nash 2019-11-11
course was very good .shame the club could not include a bottle of water with the buggy which is the most expensive of all courses

Nick Fry 2019-10-19
Stunning scenery but a few too many bare patches & poorly prepared tee boxes

Mark Baynes 2019-10-16
good course. Very poor rental clubs

Neill Richardson 2019-10-14
Fantastic course and facilities

Christian Overgaard 2019-10-09
Charming course, 18 totally different holes, nice staff, tip: check for buggy availability before arrival in case you need buggy.

David Paul Gough 2019-10-08
Love the course Food in the golf club was extremely over priced

gay niermann 2019-10-08
Lovely course but they did not have enough buggies for players. Lot of unhappy golfers waiting. Some of the staff was not very friendly.

Steve Graham 2019-09-14
Staff friendly and nice clubhouse. Not sure it’s worth paying €139 to play though. Greens are very good however, considering this is the start of the season, the fairways seemed a little bare and the grass on the fairways was a mix of coarse and finer.

Carol Lane 2019-09-11
Frustrating that have to pay for water when you ‘ve paid for buggy - and all other courses provide. Front desk for golf pleasant but bar service slow. Beautiful course - tough though!

Billy Duncan 2019-09-11
Course in Scruffy Condition and Very Crowded 5.5 Hour Round waiting at every Tee

MARY RAYMENT 2019-09-08
Very challenging course in good condition.

Murray Armstrong 2019-08-30
Friendly and helpful staff. Beautiful views from the course, which looks a little tired in places.

Sandro Sandri 2019-08-09
A golfer’s heaven

Ingrid van Loenhout 2019-07-08
Splendid course well-kept with stunning views. We played well within the 4 hours. Will defenitely come back here.

Paul Reynolds 2019-05-20
Not as good as I was expecting . It was ok but the club house is very dated . That said the staff and service was first class as was the food, very nice . A tough course for sure especially when the wind blows . Which it did . The course condition was good too .

Greg Reynolds 2019-05-10
A lovely challenging course.

Bastian Sprenger 2019-05-07
The course layout is very nice but, the course conditions did not live up to their expectation. Further were several flights hold up due to a very slow playing flight

Peter Sandtorv 2019-05-06
The golf course are in bad conditions. It really needs a total makeover, including fairways, buggy lanes, flags, tees - absolutely everything needs to be improved.

Peter S Watson 2019-05-04
Great course design but not well maintained. Poor value for money. San Lorenzo needs a lot of work to bring it up to the standard of other courses in the region.

Bonin 2019-05-01
Very nice design of the course but not maintained at a very high standard. Greens are good but fairways not exceptional...

Stuart young 2019-04-20
Pace of play very slow with lots of inexperienced golfers staying at the hotel and playing the course which is difficult. We try and avoid 5 hour rounds and this was well over that so we will be excluding this course on our next visit which is a shame as it's a lovely course

Stéphane Jacquemont 2019-04-02
Nobody on the course Poor fairways Far much too expensive for what we get

David Askew 2019-02-17
Had not played here for about 10 years and enjoyed our 2 rounds there . Staff in clubhouse were brilliant . The course compared with others we have played over the winter was in ok condition . The fairways around the lake 8th 17th and 18th were in particularly very very poor condition

Tony Calnan 2019-02-08
Great course as always. Fairways can be dry but greens bunkers and everywhere else I found my self were in perfect condition.

Sander Westdorp 2019-01-12
The condition of fairways and aprons are disappointing. The former soft fairways have lost most of their flexibility. The greens are in a Good condition!

David Levitus 2018-12-27
Fabulous course

Rainer Albath 2018-11-11
Very nice course always. Bunkers need refresh

Andrew Collings 2018-11-04
Great weather! Good golf course. A little disappointed with the greens, a lot of spike marks and unrepaired pitch marks. Golf buggy at 50 euros is far too expensive.

Gavin 2018-11-03
Great course with helpful staff and a great bacon butty

Mr Bill holmes 2018-10-14
Very good challenge, but not as well kept or presented as Quinta. Slow!! This is not an easy course for high handicap golfers.

Jeff Anderson 2018-10-13
We played San Lorenzo last week, we were a two ball as our partners dropped out at the last minute. As always at San Lorenzo the round took 5 hours, waiting on every shot, sometimes 3 groups on one hole. The rangers on this course are ineffective - just drive about watching but not seemingly doing much to speed up play. Course not in bad condition, greens looked a bit scruffy but actually played quite well. Its always expensive and over priced but given the course was packed i guess they justify the price. Many years ago you use to be able to play golf to be allowed on all of the Quinta courses - now you just need to turn up with the cash.

Marcus Williamson 2018-10-12
Lovely course great condition,thoroughly enjoyed it.Butty bar could have come around more often

Alan Gray 2018-10-05
The course was in good condition apart from the tees which were very scrubby

Philip Halpenny 2018-05-18
Course in better condition than rumoured though greens rather slow. Glad to have visited again after a few years absence.

Mike Ford 2018-05-14
staff v friendly but course in v poor condition, especially the greens

Dr. Klaus Grossmann 2018-05-11
Spectacular views course, friendly staff, greens average, but green fees overpriced, restaurant/bar slow .

Harald Leidel 2018-05-07
Great course with beautiful views ... but obviously too expensive

Mr Courault 2018-05-06
The Greens were half sanded and the course doesn’t worth the price It’s not the same quality as Laranjal Quinta do Lago or Vale do Lobo

Ian Smeaton 2018-05-06
I have been looking forward to playing San Lorenzo for a number of years as it is one of the few courses in the area I have not played. However I did leave a little disappointed, whilst the course layout was excellent, the conditioning and set up was a little tired and shabby compared to other courses in the Q d L area. Also the customer service at the pro shop/clubhouse was poor compared to other facilities.

Mrs Mary Hackett 2018-05-04
The 6 players were very disappointed with this course the greens were sanded the course looked shabby no ice with buggy no water no tees no worth the price that was paid and would recommend to our friends in Ireland

Darren Gatward 2018-05-04
Stunning setting & a pleasure to play

excellent course good test of golf

Jonathan O'Neill 2018-04-29
Outstanding course other than one or two average holes. Poor range facilities

Stuart Young 2018-04-26
Stunning course in great condition

David Bridge 2018-04-25
Check in good, course very nice, however compared to Monte Rai it was poor. Nothing included in the cost..., no strokesaver, no logo pencil, no free fruit, tees or pitch mark repairers and no personal service. For the cost I expected better.

Peter Grant 2018-03-29
A super course that we play every year. It was a pleasure to play it again this year. It's time the locker rooms were upgrade though.

Mr Dalpozzo 2017-12-06
Staff was friendly and efficient. The course was in sos and so condition. Greens were slow and generally worse than one expects in Algarve and in San Lorenzo.

Rainer Albath 2017-11-14
Like always the nicest course at algarve . Bunkers are made new nicely . For the fairways they have to look for the Quality!

Marc Luthi 2017-10-26
A very nice setting and a wonderful golfing experience. Very friendly service. best regards, marc

Neil williamson 2017-10-14
Course was not in as good condition as we remember it in the past. Green fees are expensive so was expecting course to be in better shape but maybe as it was due to a lot of rounds being played at this time of year.

Patrick Higgins 2017-10-05

Kevin Barker 2017-10-05
Course looked a little tatty, staff very friendly in club house ... buggies were in poor condition No on course drink/food service which was very poor considering the warm weather

Gary Wills 2017-10-04
Beautiful course

John Harte 2017-10-04

Neil Turner 2017-09-18
Fantastic setting - great golf course. Buggies were expensive.

Christopher DREW 2017-07-16
Excellent, well looked after, will return in due course

Michael maynard 2017-07-02
Best course out here

Gillian mcleod 2017-06-13
My favourite course. Expensive but worth it. Much quieter than the other courses and absolutely gorgeous golf course.

Cliff Morgan 2017-05-15
Excellent course, could do with seeing the drinks buggy more often though.

Peter Sandtorv 2017-05-09
Always a pleasure to play this course

Jeremy Pragnell 2017-05-08

Peter Grant 2017-04-12
San Lorenzo is our favourite course and the staff are very helpful.

Alan Seery 2017-03-27
Excellent course. The price for buggy hire is rather expensive relative to other courses.

David Stubbings 2017-03-24
Course and greens in good shape

Paul Dickinson 2017-02-02

Rainer Albath 2016-11-28
still the nicest course..... but fairways and bunkers in no good condition.... they should not slepp with the fame they have..... a lot of maintenance is necessary!

Christine O'Neill 2016-11-16
Very enjoyable round of golf. The course was in good condition

Gary Wills 2016-10-24
Fantastic golf course, great layout with stunning views. Worth the extra euros.

Karin Bratusch-Marrain 2016-10-23
Beaitiful plants and nice view on the sea

Dave Thompson 2016-10-06
What can I say . This course was excellent with ALL holes offering a challenge. Staff were great and helped out with a problem we had. Cannot wait to return.

Trevor Hatton 2016-09-27
Some stunning golf holes and overall my favourite. Clearly gets alot of play as some of the greens and tee boxes were starting to look a littel tired.

AlanPatterson 2016-09-23
Lovely golf course but tired

Phil Clements 2016-09-22
Very good course. No complaints

Andrew Cockerill 2016-09-18
The course was in poor condition unfortunately. It is a great layout but the whole place looks very 'tired' and is getting by on its history/reputation. The welcome in the pro shop was not particularly friendly. The buggy master and his team were very friendly and helpful though.

Walker 2016-07-13
Beautiful golf course and great facilities. Buggy price extortionate compared to Villamoura. 45 euro no tees no water no ice. 20 euro in villamoura tees and ice provided

Karen Croft 2016-06-29
Only booked San Lorenzo through as our hotel was able to book the other courses that we wanted to play. To an extent, San Lorenzo is trading on its past glory. Staff ok but a tad disinterested at check in. No discount at all for junior players! Course ok, but some holes felt crowded by residential development and we played better courses (eg Faldo, Monte Rei). However, San Lorenzo's unique position with several holes alongside the sea means people will still come to play.

Dawn Smith 2016-06-23
Played this course twice during our break and both times had to wait over an hour to get a buggy. Think it would be better if when booking golf we could book a buggy

Monique Mackay 2016-06-23
very quiet on the course when we got there (around 9 a.m. teetime), which was great as we got around quite quickly. Beautiful course in excellent condition, but very expensive to play (which is probably why it was so quiet).

Maurice Rogers 2016-05-31
Condition of the course was ok but I am not sure it justifies the cost of the green fee. Staff were helpful and arranged for us to start play earlier than scheduled.

Gary Walsh 2016-05-10
Still best course in Algarve

Graham Johnson 2016-05-02
Excellent friendly staff - always willing to help. Would definitely recommend.

Peter Grant 2016-04-16
San Lorenzo is always our favourite course. Lived up to its reputation again this year.

Herrmann Roether 2016-04-08
Teetimes much to tight ( 8 minutes )

amr el cherif 2016-03-21
golf course with great scenery and layout - needs investment to improve facilities, buggy, GPS , buggy path etc..

Rene Olthof 2016-03-17
Nice and difficult but you feel welcome

Schoening 2016-02-25
San Lorenzo Golf is a beautiful course, which we like most.

rob forward 2016-01-16
Nice golf course, some good holes, pace of play was a bit slow. I wouldn't rush to go back there.

peter mooney 2015-12-16
Very good site staff. We let a lot of two balls through, it was not to everybody's liking.

Timo Kahila 2015-12-08
Very good, a very nice course

Joerg Beringer 2015-11-22
A bit disappointed. Not as scenic as i thought and in relatively poor condition.

Nicola Mick-Kohler 2015-11-15
we love this course - but it was not in a good condition

olga 2015-11-13
We plaid on saturday 31st october. Before the heavy rain. But the course was wet already and exhaustive to walk, puling the trolley! A design and conditions a little bit over rated.

Adrian Thorogood 2015-11-02
Slow but still a great course. Overall, the Algarve courses are getting overplayed and the quality of the golf experience is suffering as a consequence. They cannot keep charging the amounts they do and not maintain the courses. Something has to be done about the amount of traffic they get, as the tee boxes in particular are just not coping with the amount of usage. Greens also have so many pitch marks that they are not running true anymore. I don't know if there is a general 'Algarve Golf Course Club' that Tee Times can feed this back to, but I would have thought action needs to be taken soon. We don't play Royal and Ocean courses anymore as they are always too slow to play.

Alan Scotter 2015-10-28
Excellent course. Rained heavily before both rounds but course drained quickly so play was possible. Staff welcoming and friendly

Chez Carlos Golf Society 2011-12-15
Magnificent rolling fairways and views stretching over the Ria Formosa estuary to Faro Island and the ocean beyond elevates San Lorenzo Golf Course by many as the best in the Algarve. Built in 1988 it has built a formidable reputation and was once ranked No2 in Europe just behind Valderrama - it presently resides at No24 just in front of Onyria Palmares at No26. San Lorenzo is simply is a must play course. Played mid December and was in great condition - winter golf doesn't get any finer than this and great value too.


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